It may not have everything to do with football. These are busy college students, after all.

Yet it's easy to think that Jake Heaps looks more sullen than tired right now.

The BYU sophomore quarterback, benched about midway through the second half two weeks ago and then not playing a single down last week, answered questions Wednesday after practice.

"It's a tough situation. You look at it in the fact that in your mind, it should be the present. And if we're playing better as a football team, we wouldn't be discussing if I was the future or not; know what I'm saying?" Heaps said. "That's a tough aspect to swallow. But at the same time, you're dealt with a situation that you've been handed. ..Adversity's going to make you a better player or a worse player and I plan on making this into the best situation I possibly can. Hopefully there will be a lot of fun when my next time comes. That's all I'm really looking forward to."

The difference is striking between the two quarterbacks' strong points, but also their personalities.

Heaps the thrower walked off the field wearing a long-sleeved dry-fit shirt under his green jersey. Meanwhile the apt-to-run Nelson was bare-chested after going through some of the extra conditioning drills.

Heaps insists nothing has changed for him as far as mindset or preparation.

"I want to prepare just like I am the starter...not have any excuses about it," he said.

Heaps is also looking forward to visiting Oregon State.

The Washington native was recruited there and is fond of the coaching staff, led by head coach Mike Riley.

"I respect them a ton," Heaps said. "They remind me a lot of the coaches here, and how personable they are and how much they care about the individual."

Heaps said he'll have some family traveling from his home state to see him play.

It remains to be seen, of course, if he'll take the field. On his coach's show Wednesday night (KSL), head coach Bronco Mendenhall revealed what is not a surprise to anyone: Nelson will be the starter.

He said Monday that he liked the idea of not substituting just for the sake of getting the backup in the game; to maintain consistency.

Heaps, therefore, doesn't appear to be getting many reps at practice.

His preparation will have to come from within (being strong about the situation) and in the film room.


Gotta give Mendenhall a lot of credit for making it through last night's practice.

He participated in the circuit training with the team, which is more than enough to wear out a bunch of college kids. There are weights involved, and sprints, and a host of other stations.

Mendenhall looked natural wielding a sledgehammer and pounding it into a monster-sized tire.

But by the time he was done, he should have been given the mandatory 10-minute cooling-off period (like after games).

"I'm not sure I can even think about it," Mendenhall said, with a slight smile, when asked a question that required a little extra digging into the brain.


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