So much is being made about Washington State's offense. And for good reason.

The new head coach, Mike Leach, is an expert once he has the ball. He'll have his quarterback throw downfield. He'll have him throw a lot of screen passes. He'll throw and throw and throw, right?

But what does Leach like when he's on defense?

That's something else BYU has to examine heading into next Thursday's opener for both teams in Provo.

"You look at the different places he's coached, and try to assess what he's going to do," BYU offensive line coach Mark Weber said.

The Cougars have spent virtually all of their time examining Texas Tech's offense.

That's because the now 51-year-old spent his most famous years, 2000-2009, running an offense that compiled an 84-43 record, including 28-10 mark the final three seasons before he was run out of Lubbock.

But BYU is also following Wyoming footage. Yes, Wyoming. BYU was once joined to that school by the Mountain West Conference.

New WSU defensive coordinator Mike Breske spent 2003-08 with the Cowboys.

In 2006 the Cowboys were ranked ninth in the nation in total defense, while they were 22nd in 2007 and 43rd in 2008.

BYU quarterback Riley Nelson acknowledged that his group has watched some old Wyoming games to get a feel.

Several BYU members say Breske's and Leach's ideas are quite similar to what the Cougars do on an everyday basis.

Nelson sounded fairly nonplussed about the guessing game that will inevitably take place in a season opener. He expects to see a 3-4 defensive base, rare for what the Cougars saw from opponents a year ago. Though it's also what BYU employs.

"Everybody gets to (coverages) eventually, just through different ways," he said. "You just want to see base coverages, know their personnel; we'll be alright."

Turnovers are a concern. BYU offensive coordinator Brandon Doman points out that Leach's groups tend to be "takeaway driven," meaning "(Leach) wants to throw the ball and he wants to have the ball in his hands."

BYU is expecting a variety of blitzes from a variety of angles. Doman said BYU works out of the some of the same philosophies, and blitzes more in practice than it probably will in a game.

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