Top 10 reasons why BYU football could be good and bad in 2014

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Top 10 reasons BYU will be good in 2014

1. Robert Anae’s Cougar offense forces defenses to spread out, opening up consistent opportunities for short-to-moderate gains.

2. BYU’s offensive line enjoy a spectacular breakthrough, finally showing the hard-nosed, aggressive attitude it needs.

3. Cougar quarterback Taysom Hill settles in as a much more efficient and knowledgeable passer, getting the ball to many different receivers.

4. The BYU linebacking unit once again plugs in a number of new guys who were just waiting for their chance to step up and excel.

5. The Cougar secondary turns out to be faster and more athletic than ever, resulting in crucial stops, takeaways and momentum-changing moments on defense.

6. The BYU transfers prove to be ready and have an even bigger impact than anticipated, making things happen on the field on both sides of the ball.

7. Cougar running back Jamaal Williams comes back with a vengeance and becomes nearly impossible to tackle with one guy, keeping the run game clicking.

8. The schedule provides just enough tests mixed in with easy wins to push BYU up the rankings.

9. BYU punter Scott Arellano turns out to be one of the best in the country, a weapon who consistently puts field position in his team’s favor.

10. Going fast and going hard on offense results in almost always going to the end zone.

Top 10 reasons BYU will be bad in 2014

1. Cougar quarterback Taysom Hill puts himself at risk too often and gets hurt, resulting in the offense stalling and coughing the ball up too much.

2. BYU offensive line again struggles to maintain the tempo and misses assignments at the end of drives.

3. The limited experience in the linebacking corps allows Cougar opponents to regularly turn small gains into large ones.

4. The BYU kicking game never finds any consistency and the result are close losses that might’ve been wins.

5. Injuries plague the secondary for the second year in a row and the Cougars have trouble slowing passing attacks.

6. BYU defensive coordinator Nick Howell gets too aggressive with his defensive playcalls and opponents exploit the tendency for big plays.

7. Hill and the Cougar receivers fail to get on the same page, resulting in missed passes and frustration.

8. More behavior concerns crop up and multiple BYU starters end up missing games for disciplinary reasons, which in turn limits the on-the-field effectiveness.

9. The Cougar defensive line never gels together and misses too many assignments, allowing holes to be opened for opposing running backs.

10. Once again, going fast and going hard results in the offense going to the sideline and putting the defense in bad situations.

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