Details for Celebrating 70 Years


Monty C.S. Montgomery and Norma Lynn Cook married November 2, 1949. Their story began in wood shop class at Lincoln High. Monty worked at Geneva Steel, while Norma worked at Scera Theatre while attending BYU. Employment with the National Guard led them to Ogden and then to their home in Cottonwood Heights. Norma had her own beauty shop and championed their home front, while Monty’s work often took him long distances from home. Monty fought fire from the pilot seat of U.S. Forest Service helicopters in the Mountain West and the Carolinas. Norma’s worries for his safety subsided as he retired to a teaching opportunity at Salt Lake Community College. Raised near the river bottoms, they learned strong work and personal ethics from parents, which they’ve also taught by example. They have always stayed close to their roots and families from Utah Valley, and remain avid BYU football fans. In these elderly years, they provide care to each other with unity, allowing for joy. Celebrated now by their 6 children, 21 grand, 41 great, and 9 great/great grandkids… theirs is truly a love story of loyalty and perseverance.


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