Dan Brophy

Mapleton resident Dan Brophy, a professional truck driver with FedEx, heads to the National Truck and Step Van Driving Championships beginning Aug. 14, 2019 in Pittsburgh. Brophy became the state Step Van driving champion in early summer 2019.

Orem native receives $2,500 scholarship

Orem native Brie Winegar recently received a $2,500 scholarship from the Wells Fargo and Scholarship America to aid in her junior year at Utah State University.

Wells Fargo committed $1 million over four years to Scholarship America in 2016. Scholarship America is a program dedicated to helping people with disabilities obtain the education or training to succeed in the career path of their choice, according to a press release.

Winegar has dyslexia, along with other health issues. She submitted an essay to the scholarship program about how dyslexia has made her education challenging, especially within her chosen major of journalism. At the college level, she said there aren’t a lot of resources available to her, and she pays for a premium app on her computer to catch her grammar and spelling mistakes. She said winning the scholarship is a “huge relief.”

“College is expensive and there’s so many different things to pay for,” she said. “(The scholarship) is definitely going to take some pressure off of me.”

Wells Fargo is committed to “financially empowering” and employing people with disabilities and has donated more than $49 million in the past four years to nonprofits like Scholarship America that support people with disabilities. Learn more about their commitment by visiting the Wells Fargo website. https://www.wellsfargo.com/about/diversity/accessibility/

Man heads to national truck driving championship

next week

Mapleton resident and professional truck driver Dan Brophy will compete in the National Truck and Step Van Driving Championships beginning Aug. 14 in Pittsburgh, representing FedEx and D & E Delivery Services.

Brophy became eligible earlier this summer when he capture the Step Van title at the Utah Truck Driving Championship. Drivers have to be accident-free for at least a year in order to compete. Brophy has 26 years of experience, 15 of which have been affiliated with FedEx. According to a FedEx representative, Brophy has driven 780,000 accident-free miles and enjoys riding motorcycles when he’s not working.

Brophy and 175 other drivers representing FedEx will compete for national titles in each of the nine vehicle classes as well as the overall “National Grand Champion” title. Learn more about the competition by visiting https://www.trucking.org/Driving_Championships.aspx.

Business owner optimism rises with strong revenues

According to the latest quarterly Wells Fargo/Gallup Business Index, business owners’ overall “optimism score” rose seven points in the third quarter, likely tied to continued reporting of strong revenues.

Fifty-eight percent of respondents reported an increase in revenue over the past year, while 64% said they expect increases over the next year. As for faith in the economy, 70% of business owners rated the current economy as “excellent” or “good” and 61% said the economy is on the right track to help them grow their business over the next year.

The index also found that 33% of business owners are planning to apply for new credit products, such as a business credit card or a loan, up 7% from the second quarter of the year.

“Aside from providing a snapshot of the landscape for business owners, the Small Business Index gives us a chance to see how these owners are responding to the economy and how they need to be supported moving forward,” Casey Dorsey, Wells Fargo Small Business Segment and Strategy Leader, said. “Gaining insights into business owners’ key challenges, their interest in financial tools like credit, and their expectations for growth provide a glimpse of their business or market — and also the economy as a whole.”

Two-thirds of business owners said they are not concerned about how recent trade and tariff policy changes may affect their business, or they have very little concern regarding it. Seventy-six percent of respondents said they wouldn’t change their hiring plans and 69% said they wouldn’t change expansion plans even if the cost of goods increases.

“While news and changes in trade and tariff policies traditionally affect larger companies more heavily, it is notable that small business owners continue to make improvements in the current climate,” Mark Vitner, senior economist at Wells Fargo, said. “While there are certainly concerns of the effects of current interaction with the global economy, this data indicates a continued level of resilience in the U.S. economy and specifically among small business owners.”