Elementa Silver wintermint mouthwash

An example of one of Elementa Silver's dental products, which officially launched November 2019. 

Employers Council survey shows rise in 2019 employee pay

According to the results of the Utah Employers Council’s 2019 Planning Packet Survey, average employee pay in Utah increased 3% this year, while top-performing employees experienced pay increases as high as 5%. The packet also contains projections about compensation budgets for next year.

The overall 3% increase this year is down 0.3% from the actual 3.3% pay increase documented this year in Employers Council’s 2019 Benchmark Compensation Survey, according to a press release.

“Overall, the survey projects Utah’s salaries will remain strong and employees will continue to experience an upswing in overall compensation. In the past year, average employee pay increased by 3.3 percent and it’s estimated to grow another 3 percent in 2020,” said Ryan D. Nelson, president of Employers Council’s Utah office. “This survey is an incredibly extensive estimate of where the entire state is headed in terms of compensation, and we are pleased to provide such relevant and helpful information to employers.”

The complete survey separated pay increases geographically from among four states. Besides Utah, the survey has data on Arizona, Colorado and Wyoming. Within Utah, data covers Wasatch North, Wasatch South, Mountainland and Central-Southern.

According to the press release, compared to other states Utah’s average pay increase was similar to that of other states, although the projected pay increase for top performers was down nearly a full percent since 2018 in Utah, while other states’ projected top performer pay increased.

Purchase the full survey by visiting http://www.employerscouncil.org/.

Peak Capital Partners one of Utah’s fastest-growing companies

Peak Capital Partners, a Provo-based apartment investment and management company, announced last week it has been named on of Utah’s 100 fastest-growing companies by MountainWest Capital Network.

“We’re grateful to named one of Utah’s fastest-growing companies for the sixth year in a row,” said Peak CEO Chris Manning in a press release. “Our investors and team members have made our consistent growth possible, and we look forward to continued growth.”

According to a press release, rankings were determined by the percentage of revenue increase from 2014-2018. MountainWest Capital Network also reported Utah is the leading state in both the number of startups and number of companies that survive in their first five years.

“Utah’s economy has never been stronger, and it’s in large part thanks to the tremendous efforts of these companies and others that make Utah truly the place to be for business,” said Ryan Dent, chairman of the MWCN Utah 100 committee. “We’ve had 25 great years of honoring the companies making Utah great, and we look forward to the next 25 years and beyond.”

Payson dentists create oral care products using nanotechnology

A couple of dentists from Payson have created a new oral care brand, Elementa Silver, that according to a press release is the result of new science that performs better than fluoride, which has been used for over 150 years.

The company recently moved to Provo where all of its products are made in-house.

According to the press release, the technology behind Elementa Silver products focuses on the real cause behind cavities, which isn’t sugar, but acid.

“When we eat sugar or other carbs, the bacteria in our mouths metabolize them, and the by-product of that is acid,” public relations representative Ben Lewis said in an email. “The acid then eats holes into your teeth, which is why your dentist tells you to avoid sugar.”

However, Lewis said, traditional dental products that attempt to kill the bacteria that creates acid typically are acidic themselves and dangerous if swallowed.

“Up until now, we have literally been fighting acid with acid,” Lewis said.

The press release states Elementa Silver products neutralize all oral acid that is currently in a user’s mouth, kill acid-causing bacteria with non-burning alkaline Nano Silver, which is 46,000 times more antibacterial than alcohol, reminineralize/rebuild teeth with calcium and are also all-natural and safe to be swallowed.

Learn more at http://elementasilver.com/.

Carley Porter covers northern Utah County and business for the Daily Herald. She can be reached at cporter@heraldextra.com.

Carley Porter covers northern Utah County and business for the Daily Herald. She can be reached at cporter@heraldextra.com.

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