Point of the Mountain

The Point of the Mountain as shown in October 2016.

Point of the Mountain Chamber Seeks to Collaborate and Capitalize on Utah Growth

Lehi, UT—The Lehi Area Chamber announced Tuesday an official name change to the Point of the Mountain Chamber, which honors Utah’s fastest growing business region.

“The Point of the Mountain Chamber is excited about this new and momentous step forward,” said Mark Welcker, President and CEO of the Chamber. “This change is about much more than rebranding, it’s about proactively and collaboratively capitalizing on the tremendous success of our business community as we move forward.”

Over the last decade the Point of the Mountain region has exploded with constant business and residential growth. The Chamber recognized the need to change the name and evaluate the services and benefits it provides to a growing membership base, which ranges from the big tech companies of Silicon Slopes to the local businesses in multiple municipalities.

“We have a whole new business dynamic on our hands that caused us to look at how we provide benefits to both the local businesses that made us who we are today to the multi-million dollar companies putting us on the map. We are the Crossroads of Utah Business,” said Welcker. “In recent years, we’ve seen start-up after start-up go public, along with the creation of Silicon Slopes, which recently hosted a tech conference with more than 20,000 attendees from all over the country. We knew it was time to transform ourselves.”

After more than 18 months of committees, brainstorming and working with local leaders, the Chamber created a new name, brand, and mission that states, “We connect, grow, and advocate for Utah business to enhance community prosperity.”

“Our goal is to be a voice for business and foster relationships that connect individuals, communities and business leaders, said Welcker. “As we move forward, we aim to help create a united vision for the Point of the Mountain region by working collaboratively with other peer chambers, business leaders, local municipalities and the State of Utah to help all ships rise.”

Lawble, Inc. announces new partnership 

Lawble, Inc announced today that it will partner with the Family Justice Center and Community Legal Clinic this year to provide a new online intake route for low-income clients in need of free legal services. Lawble uses natural language processing artificial intelligence, algorithmic and Optical Character Recognition income verification, and multi-organizational distribution logic to understand each person’s individual case and their specific needs. Lawble then triages clients by processing case information in real-time and connecting clients with the best resource available, making sure that the client receives proper care.

Industry experts say, 80 percent of the legal needs in America are unmet by traditional lawyering; This issue is referred to as the “Justice Gap.” Lawble Founder, George Simons,says, “Online intake and triage is a huge step in closing the justice gap. And it’s starting right here in Utah.”

Lawble is a social venture that seeks to provide access to justice for all regardless of background or financial situationIt has won Best Product and Best Social Venture awards from the Ballard Center at BYU and won the people's vote at the ABA Techshow's Startup Alley, the biggest legal tech competition in America, getting featured on Above the Law. Learn more at www.Lawble.co.

The Family Justice Center is a free walk-in clinic for people with divorce, custody,immigration, housing, or family law related issues.

The FJC provides a “one stop show” where clients can access services and information from: Community Action, the Division of Child and Family Services, Victim Advocates, Department of Workforce Services, Centro Hispano, Housing, Timpanogos Legal Center, and other agencies.

The greatest demand is for legal advice.

It is open every Tuesday evening from 5:00-8:00 p.m., except holidays, on the 1st floor of the Health and Justice Building, located at 151 S. University Ave. in Provo.

The Community Legal Clinic provides free legal services to those in need. Second and third year law students under the direction of Professor Carl Hernandez represent clients in matters including immigration, contracts, housing, and other matters. Citizenship and other community classes are also taught at the clinic. It is located at Deseret Industries, 2nd Floor 1415 N. State

St. Provo, UT 84604. Open Thursdays from 5pm-7pm, except holidays, and assistance is available in English & Spanish.