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Provo company creates 'Superman-like" radio 

Provo company Sure-Fi has developed a new radio which they claim is the world's first which can send signals though metal, brick, concrete and any other material that typically prevents signals from getting through. The patented technology takes just minutes to install, and according to a press release, it's currently being used in construction sites, mines, factories and congested areas like apartment complexes and stadiums.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals can only go about 300 feet and are often slowed down, interrupted or blocked in congested areas, the press release states. Higher bandwidths and radio frequencies have even more trouble penetrating these kinds of obstacles, and sometimes have little or no security, leaving them vulnerable to attacks, according to the press release.

Sure-Fi signals can travel one mile through obstructions or more than 50 miles line-of-sight with Sure-Fi's patented technology based on "Chirp Modulation." Chirp is a component of a radio signal where the actual signal increases and decreases in frequency, creating a pulse or a "chirp" containing the transmitted data.

The chirps make the signal distinguishable and practically impossible to intercept, the press release states. 

"Most wireless communications have poor range and reliability because they try to use the highest data rates possible," Mark Hall, Sure-Fi Founder and CEO, said. "At Sure-Fi we've gone the other direction. By focusing on lower data rates, and developing a new radio module from the ground up, we've been able to create something other RF technologies are unable to provide, a signal that is sure as a wire."

Sure-Fi produced a video demonstrating the signal's ability to penetrate a Faraday cage, made of conductive material designed to prevent radio signals, from one floor and 100 yards away. The video can be viewed on YouTube. 

Lehi company redesigns patient check-in process

Lehi-based tech company Solutionreach, in answer to a survey which found patients prefer their doctor lets them fill out paperwork online, announced Tuesday the development of a mobile and web-based patient registration solution named SR Intake.

"Paper registration is expensive and prone to errors," Jim Higgins, Founder and CEO of Solutionreach, said. "Practices don't like it, and neither do patients. Our goal is to improve the experience for providers and patients, so a mobile check-in solution was a natural next step in doing that across the entire patient journey."

The mobile and web-based solution creates several benefits for both patients and practices, according to the press release. Practices can manage and customize patient registration to make sure they get the information they need, including insurance details; practices can also offer an option to check-in on a device in the office when check-in isn't completed beforehand. Patients can complete and sign electronic forms at their convenience and SR Intake keeps their data secure in compliance with HIPAA. Intake information can be automatically uploaded to a practice management or EHR system, or the Solutionreach platform. It can also be written directly back to certain practice management and EHR systems.

"We love that we can send a check-in form to our patients prior to their appointment in a secure and convenient manner," Crystal Woolbright, office manager at Tuscaloosa Pediatrics, said. "Just the fact that we can go paperless is great and reduces our costs. SR Intake is really easy to customize to fit our needs."

Learn more about the product by visiting

Ridley's Markets offers prescription delivery through app

Tuesday, Ridley's Family Markets announced it has partnered with Nimble Rx to begin offering on-demand prescription delivery to Utah and Idaho residents this month.

The delivery service will initially be available at the two Ridley's locations in Eagle Mountain and Highland, and will continue to roll out to 22 other locations in Idaho this month. 

Customers will be able to order, pay for and schedule delivery of their prescriptions directly through Nimble's online and web app. The home delivery service costs $4.50 per delivery at a minimum, depending on the selected shipping method. Delivery can be scheduled on-demand, including same-day, next day or two-day delivery.

“We’re always looking to find innovative and convenient ways to meet the needs of our customers, especially as technology and mobility accelerates,” Todd Wise, Director of Pharmacy Operations of Ridley’s Family Markets, said. “We identified Nimble as an ideal partner as they have built a proven platform that painlessly integrates into our business and will be extremely easy for our customers to adopt.”

Carley Porter covers northern Utah County and business for the Daily Herald. She can be reached at

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