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Provo company launches solar-powered smart window coverings

Provo-based company Tilt, formerly known as MySmartBlinds, is launching an all-encompassing smart home product line, according to a press release, that will included the first solar-powered smart window coverings and devices. The smart devices will automatically open or close based on temperature and other factors.

The company currently has 32 patents and 32 pending patents for the technology behind the smart roller shades, blinds and automation kits, all of which can be installed on existing shades or blinds. The tilt motors are also the first to use Bluetooth, so homeowners can customize lighting, privacy and temperature with their smartphone. The tilt app allows homeowners to choose settings for energy savings.

“The built-in tilt sensors save homeowners on heating and cooling costs,” Emily Brimhall, Tilt founder, said. “We believe the money saved will quickly offset the initial investment.”

Tilt is also launching one-price window coverings, allowing shoppers to pay the same price for any window covering regardless of size or selected fabric. The press release states it is the first company to do so.

“You don’t pay more for an XL shirt instead of an XS shirt when you’re shopping for clothes. I want to provide that same logic for our customers,” Brimhall said.

The window coverings are solar-powered, reducing the amount of electricity or gas needed to heat or cool a home.

MySmartRollerShades are priced at $199 without automation, any size, and MySmartBlinds are $150 without automation for any size. A separate WiFi device that connects all Tilt products to allow voice control and access from anywhere, and is also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, is $89. However, tilt products can work with or without existing smart devices. Learn more by visiting the company’s website.

Stevens-Henager College to hold Honor Society dinner in Orem

Stevens-Henager College Provo-Orem Campus announced this week it will hold an Honor Society recognition dinner at 6 p.m. on Thursday in the school’s auditorium. The campus is located at 1475 Sandhill Road in Orem.

The dinner will honor students receiving Alpha Beta Kappa National Honor Society recognition. The Alpha Beta Kappa National Honor Society has served educational institutions for over 40 years. Being elected to membership, according to a press release, sets a person apart as “an exemplar of personal integrity and excellence.”

Students who will be honored at Thursday night’s dinner include: Glenn Allred, Jared Carter, Jennifer Carter, Katie Childs, Jens Christiansen, Natasha Collins, Julian Fajardo, Gilbert Godfrey, Jaiden Heap, Mark Henscheid, Jennifer Heywood, Shlisa Hughes, Kris Murthy, Alan Purvis, Xolani Radebe, Naomi Salt, Bonnie Thorne, Jason-Boy Viloria, Ashley Wilcox, Gerald Wright, and Samantha Wright.

Stevens-Henager currently offers degrees in the areas of business, health care, information technology and graphic arts. Established in 1891, the college has campuses in Ogden, Logan, Salt Lake City, Orem and St. George in Utah, and campuses in Boise and Idaho Falls, Idaho.

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