Screenie simplifies head hunting

Ken Frei, CEO of Screenie, stands for a portrait in his office in Lehi Wednesday, Feb. 19, 2014. MARK JOHNSTON/Daily Herald

LEHI - Entrepreneurs Ken Frei and Trent Staheli have revved up the interview process for clients looking to hire a "good fit" on their work teams.

Aptly dubbed Screenie, the 1-year-old startup helps businesses find and hire top talent by bringing to the forefront those who truly meet the set skills needed. This process allows head hunters to skip the beleaguered step of sifting through hundreds of applications.

"How do you screen all those applicants and find the one that effectively fits your company?" Frei asked.

The company's chief executive officer, Frei said Screenie has the answer.

"Screenie has a means of helping companies identify and hire top talent as fast as possible," he said.

To date, the method developed for Screenie has been successful. Measuring its growth, business has doubled every month for its founders. Working with medium, small and large businesses, Screenie helps find workers for blue collar to executive positions that meet specific qualifications.

They can also assist fast growing companies.

"That's another challenge for them when they want to hire a lot of people quickly for all their positions," Frei said.

Long gone are the standard of resumes and a suit and tie for a job interview -- Screenie places your character, personality and skill sets ahead of those antiquated methods by introducing automated sourcing and screening, branded video interviews and a collaborative administrative portal online.

The company allows clients to get to know prospective employees more effectively.

"We see that receiving and looking at a resume is really a waste of time. Companies are usually looking for only 3-4 things on a resume. They want to know if they meet the minimum qualifications so they know enough to want to meet them in person and that is not the goal of a resume," Frei said.

He said he sees people creating 1-2 page resumes and sending them in then the person hiring spends all of 20 seconds scanning the resume to see if the applicant qualifies.

Collaborating with a business, the Screenie team can run applicants through more than one screen to further narrow the hiring field.

"There are traditional ways to do that, there are a lot of software programs that do that, there of HR companies that do that, but we wanted to build something that was a light weight fast tool, that was affordable to companies to sort clients and screen clients effectively, and also to get to know them effectively," Frei said.

Their mentor, Ryan Kohler runs his software operations out of Eagle Mountain, which is where Frei and Staheli began Screenie. Their developers live and work in Saint George.

"We are also kind of partners because we integrate with our hiring system," said Kohler, who has been in the HR software industry for about eight years. Staheli began working with Kohler as a software developer 14 years ago.

Kohler runs ApplicantPro and iApplicant out of his Eagle Mountain offices.

"He and I and Trent kind of saw another opportunity and he had space so Trent and I started working in an office over there and between that business and Office Pro we expanded to the point that we needed another office which is why we moved down to American Fork," Frei said.

Then they saw another office opportunity in Lehi on the second floor of the newly renovated Greenwood building on 200 West and Main streets and moved.

The freshly painted walls are bare of decor. A computer is set on top of a small table standing in as a desk. The medium sized office boasts two inexpensive chairs -- the definitive and trendy look of a startup.

"We think Screenie has a lot of great potential for companies especially for those who are hiring out-of-town job seekers or those who have high volume of applicant flow like restaurants," Kohler said.

The company replaces HR phone tag with applicants and gives their clients a more automated and web-based approach.

"It's great, so far our clients love it," Kohler said.

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