A Utah County orthodontist kicked off an annual event by providing free services to upward of 50 Springville youth.

On Aug. 29, Warren Orthodontics in Springville opened its doors to members of the community, offering free mouth guard fittings and educating student athletes and their parents about the importance of wearing a mouth guard.

At the one-day event, each child arrived at the office for their appointment, and the Warren Orthodontics staff took an impression of each child’s teeth to make a mold and create a custom mouth guard for each child at no cost.

“It was a family-friendly education opportunity and a fun-filled day,” said Casey Warren, founder of Warren Orthodontics.

The inaugural event, which is a part of the Defend Your Mouth Day celebration, began at 9 a.m. and ended four hours later. In that time, the Warren Orthodontics staff was able to speak with and fit mouth guards for 40-50 Utah County children.

Warren created the event to support children’s oral and facial health, especially while engaging in sports or playing recreational activities at home.

“That’s pretty traumatic when a kid loses a front tooth from various activities,” he said. “What we’re doing is trying to prevent that traumatic experience and promote awareness of it, as well. It’s aimed to inform parents and educate the youth in the community about mouth guard protection and protecting against severe dental trauma.”

In addition to preventing facial and dental trauma, Warren said that properly fitted mouth guards can even help reduce the risk of concussion or mild traumatic brain injury.

Children also are more likely to wear mouth guards if they are fitted properly and are comfortable.

“The better fitted it can be, the better protection you can have for your teeth,” he said.

Warren said there are a lot of kids who participate in various programs and school activities in the Springville area, calling it a very active community.

Especially with the beginning of school and looking forward to the end of COVID-19 restrictions, Warren said kids are looking forward to being more active and more rambunctious.

“Mouth guards can definitely help protect against dental trauma and tooth evulsion and any other type of dental-related trauma in sports or around the house,” Warren said.

Warren attended Springville High School, enrolling in the School of Health and Science at Utah Valley University immediately after graduation.

After completing dental school and an orthodontic residency, Warren established his own practice in Springville, looking to serve others in the community that he was raised in. For Warren, serving others involves giving smiles to children.

Warren Orthodontics has now been operating in Springville for over 10 years.

“It’s another way I can give back,” Warren said. “Our mission is to make people’s lives better, and that’s just a way we can give back.”

Warren said he and his staff look forward to host the event every year.

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