There is one thing we have come to know over the years and that is Mercedes makes a very exceptional vehicle when it comes to sedans. Any time that we have spent in one has always been fantastic and luxuriously comfortable.

It seemed our time with the 2021 E450 sedan was no exception, and we were not disappointed in the new vehicle.

To say the least, it seems the engineers and designers have thought of everything, from technology to comfort, and put it into this sedan. Not to mention the regular version comes packed with a whopping 362 horsepower.

Just getting into the new E450 feels like you are traveling to another universe, one that has no noise and lots of soft surfaces. The seats are like magic and included a massaging feature that seemed to reach more places than a personal masseur.

The seats were so comfortable that we found ourselves making excuses to go places, hoping to enjoy more time in the sedan. Along with the massage feature, the seats — made of fine leather — were both heated and cooled as we have come to expect from Mercedes.

The E450 is also loaded with all kinds of technology, starting with the dual 12.3-inch wide, high-definition monitors that make up the drivers information and center infotainment package. The monitors seem to flow seamlessly together to create what we consider to be a work of art.

Any of the functions in the vehicle can be controlled by the onboard assistant. All we had to do was say “Hey Mercedes,” and she was there to answer questions, or make all kinds of things happen.

Things like “Hey Mercedes, turn on the heated seats and start the massage program” were all it really took to make us warm and comfortable during our test ride in early January.

One of our favorite features in newwer Mercedes vehicles is the ambient lighting; this may seem weird, but as the sun goes down early in the winter months, the interior of the car lights up earlier. The endless color pallet provided by the designers makes the interior explode into a world of color.

These colors can be changed at any time to any color, and there are also preset color schemes that will fade through different colors when driving. It is the best way we have found to set any mood inside the sedan, no matter what kind of day we have had.

As we mentioned previously, the sedan is powered by a 362 horsepower, 3.0 liter, inline, turbocharged engine that is also enhanced with Mercedes’ new EQ boost that, for all intents and purposes, minimizes turbo lag from the engine. We found this to be a very enticing drive system as we went on many different adventures during our week with the sedan. Admittedly, a 362 horsepower sedan is nothing to sneeze at.

And, if that were not enough, the E Class can also be had with an AMG package that moves the six-cylinder engine to 429 horsepower. But, if daddy wants even more power, there is also an AMG version with a 4.0-liter, V8 biturbo that puts out a whopping 603 horsepower in the E Class sedan.

Even with all this power, the Mercedes still got a very nice 27.5 mpg for our week, which we felt was a strong number for a V6 clad vehicle of this nature. This was helped along by the nine-speed transmission that would slip through the gears, giving all the power to the wheels with ease.

With a sedan as nice as the new Mercedes E450, we took the chance for a long Saturday drive, which included Craig’s mom Pat, so we could get a feel for how adults would acclimate to sitting in the rear. After a long journey down through Sanpete County and back, she was completely enamored with the rear seat.

Even though the drive was just over two hours, with a stop in between for lunch, she loved being a rider even in the back. With the fantastic Burmester surround sound system that included 23 speakers, it was hard to find a bad seat in the house and even harder to complain about the in-flight entertainment.

The upgraded acoustic comfort package being in the E450 was almost as quiet as a deserted island. The engineers have thought of everything to give the ride just that little extra injection of luxury.

The new E450 comes loaded with safety systems, and with the addition of the driver assistance package, it was as close to autonomous driving as one can get as this point. Adaptive cruise control and active route based adaptation — where the car would speed up and slow down according to things that were coming ahead on the road — are included.

Blind spot assist, forward emergency braking with pedestrian detection, lane keep assist, lane change assist, active parking assist and active speed sign detection that would also increase and decrease speed according to the posted limit.

One of the coolest things in the vehicle is how the Mercedes can use what is called “augmented navigation assist,” this will put actual photos on the screen with arrows on which way to turn when using the navigation system. It really does help when you are navigating foreign territory as we have found many times using this new system.

The new E450 is a great sedan that has a version to make anyone happy, and even more important takes their ride to the next level.

Base Price: $62,000

Price as Driven: $79,170