Buying a new Chevrolet Silverado these days could be as difficult as trying to get the perfect Christmas tree for a new home, something we had to deal with this year for our real first Christmas in a new home.

But, getting the right truck would be another whole ordeal in and of itself, as was proven after our week driving a new Silverado RST with a Duramax Diesel engine.

There are so many different ways to get the Silverado that it is going to come down to individual needs and wants, quite frankly, but that is a good thing as there should be a truck for most any need.

Having the RST with a Duramax engine for a week was outstanding as the only way to get the same amount of toque or towing power would be to go with the 6.2 liter, V-8 set up. The difference in everyday driving mileage between these two would be 7 miles per gallon, making the diesel a very viable option.

The diesel version can tow up to 9,500 pounds and can take up to 2,170 pounds in the bed. We have to imagine that this would be plenty for most any weekend adventure for most folk’s needs. Craig had the opportunity to tow various trailers, and the heaviest loaded with sound gear is right around 9,000 pounds.

We didn’t have the chance to put a trailer on the back of the new Silverado but would think, with the diesel engine, the gas mileage would not change much.

The most awesome part of the week was when the truck arrived at our home with only 533 miles on the odometer and 588 miles to empty. This was the first time we got a vehicle with less than 1,000 miles on it and that had more miles to go than we could possibly do in a week with no overnight stay involved.

With only a 22 gallon fuel tank, that was a pretty impressive number of miles to empty, and it surely had something to do with the drive out from Denver on the truck. So, it would be a chore to see if we would even get past the halfway point on the fuel gauge.

After as much driving around Utah Valley as we could, including a trip up to the Standard-Examiner in Ogden, we had only gone 300 miles and just barely past a half tank of diesel. Impressed is just one way to describe our feeling for the new Silverado RST.

Not only was the gas mileage a great addition, the truck really looked great and drove well. It was almost impossible to tell it was a diesel engine as the noise from the truck was so low. However, the power that was available was over the top. When we needed a little extra, the Silverado was more than happy to comply

A big new addition to this year’s Silverado line will be the Mult-Flex tailgate, which was developed for the GMC line of trucks a couple of years ago. At the time, they didn’t know if it would ever be available on the Silverado, at all.

We love this tailgate as it is so functional, especially as a work bench, without opening the entire tailgate, and it becomes a step into the truck, if needed. The step will also fold up with the tailgate down to allow for longer items, such as boards, that will now not fall out on the way home from the hardware store.

Inside, our test ride had been upgraded with the All-Star Edition Plus package ( an about $2,100 addition) that added the larger eight-inch infotainment screen along with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. This theme seems to be something on every manufactures radar this year, and we love it.

It is so much nicer to just climb into a vehicle and have our phones hook and function just as they would if we were sitting in an office or at home.

Other additions that came with the All-Star package included cargo bed power outlets, a Bose premium audio system, two extra USB ports and an SD card reader, and painted wheels that really gave the Silverado a standout look on the road.

We also had our first real snowfall during the week that gave us the unique chance to test out the four-wheel drive around town as about four inches had piled up on the roads Saturday morning.

Even after loading up the snow blower to take to Craig’s mothers house, the truck performed without a hiccup, trudging through the wintery weather wish ease.

This turned out to be a great day to be out in a new truck with four-wheel drive, as the snow continued to come down until mid-afternoon. Having the included heated seats and heated steering wheel were also great additions for the ride.

Even though this was not the most exclusive version of the Silverado, we found it to be very comfortable and easy to drive, and most importantly, very affordable for a diesel powered truck. This was a goal of Chevrolet to keep their trucks completive and affordable to all.

A job well done, and with all the choices in the market, it would certainly be worthwhile to take the new Silverado for ride if looking for a new truck.

Base Price: $46,500

Price as Driven: $56,950