2019 is becoming the year of the truck. With new offerings from both GM and Ram, all five truck manufactures are vying for more buyers by continuing to offer and design more options into their trucks.

After a week with the new GMC Sierra Denali, we found it to be no exception to the rule, arriving with some great new tech and useful items that we found ourselves quite enamored with!

Of course, the 2019 model year features both a new, from the ground up Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra. While in the past these two may have looked very similar, this will not be the case with the new model year. Each has its own identity with different bends of the sheet metal on the exterior and totally different looks from up front.

Inside, there are many similarities in dash design and also locations of buttons and touchscreens and their programing.

One of the most intriguing new options on the Sierra is what GMC is calling a MultiPro Tailgate. With the new 2019 design, the engineers have come up with what we have to say is the most useful and thought-out tailgate on the market today.

First off, it drops automatically — either from a push of a button on the dash or on the key fob — lowering itself slowly and conveniently into the down position. This isn’t really a new or inventive feature as other trucks will do this also, but that is where similarities between the Sierra tailgate and other tailgates end.

With the touch of another button, the tailgate half drops towards the ground, allowing much easier access to the bed with a tailgate that is only half as large a normal. Then, with the touch and pull of the part pointing toward the ground, it forms a very large step, again allowing much easier access to the bed.

However, the usefulness of this new tailgate didn’t end there. With the tailgate in its full upright position, a single push of a button allows just half of the tailgate to come halfway down, forming the perfect workbench.

Another addition inside the Sierra was the new rearview mirror. Now, usually this would not even be something we would consider mentioning as all vehicles come with one. However, the Denali came with something very unique — a high-definition LED screen rearview mirror.

It could be used as a regular mirror or with the flip of a switch becomes a screen filled with everything behind the truck that would usually appear in the mirror. It allows the driver to see through seat backs and folks in the rear seat.

There is also some new technology that is shared with Chevrolet when it comes to towing a trailer with one of these new 2109 trucks.

Owners can now input up to five trailer profiles into the infotainment system in the Sierra and recall them each time they put an individual trailer on. This will allow the owner to keep track of the time and miles each trailer is towed and give reminders that trailer wheels need rotation or perhaps bearings should be checked and repacked.

The system will also change any setting on the truck, like trailer brake force for each trailer. Using the GMC app on the driver’s phone, there is now an included light check for all trailers that can be controlled from the phone, making this a one-person job.

One the tech side, blind-spot monitoring, high beam assist, forward collision alert and braking along with lane keep assist can also be added. We still like the lane-keep assist that jiggles the driver’s seat on the side.

Our test ride came with the larger, 6.2-liter engine that is now mated to the new 10-speed transmission that Ford and GM have developed together, allowing the Denali to slip seamlessly through a multitude of shift points. This larger engine produced 420 horsepower and 460 foot-pounds of torque and would tow up to 9,100 pounds.

We were pleased with the 17.5 mpg that we achieved for a week out in the Denali that really only included one trip to Salt Lake and a lot of running around in the city. The designers have included a new dynamic fuel management system that will use only the cylinders needed for the way the truck is being driven and will also stop the engine when the truck is at a stop to help and preserve fuel.

We loved driving the Sierra for a week and had only one question at the end: when will adaptive cruise control be added? We would have expected this feature in a luxury level truck with all of the other safety features that were included.

See them today at Harmon’s GMC in Provo at 470 W. 100 North, 801-841-3109 or at National GMC, 629 E. 1000 South, American Fork, 888-887-5041.

Base Price: $58,000

Price as Driven: $67,340

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