Chubby's Cafe 13

Spicy buffalo wings with beer battered fries are pictured at Chubby's Cafe in Pleasant Grove on Tuesday, Dec. 30, 2014. SAMMY JO HESTER, Daily Herald

The Daily Herald's Doug Fox headed to Chubby's Café  to give a review of the delectable goodness the restaurant had to offer. According to Doug, "The regular fries (at Chubby's) were good, but the Beer Battered French Fries were extremely good. They were so sweet, in fact, that I momentarily wondered if we'd received sweet potato fries by mistake." According to the Chubby's website, their fries are "crispy and crunchy on the outside and soft and steamy on the inside," everything a French fry should be.

Addresses: 336 S. Main St., Pleasant Grove; 1284 N. Redwood Road, Saratoga Springs

Dining review: