At Saratoga Splash Days you can ride the ferris wheel, eat at your favorite food truck, watch the parade, and then fight an epic battle on the side of good or evil.

If you have a young wannabe Luke Skywalker or Kylo Ren in your family, you’ll definitely want to show up to Thursday’s events at Neptune Park in Saratoga Springs. Corrine Prestwich expressed the desire of Saratoga Springs to always have unique activities during their summer celebration, and this evening will be full of excitement for all ages.

Going along with their theme “Saratoga Splash Days is out of this world”, which Prestwich says was chosen in part to celebrate the Apollo 11 lunar landing, the city decided on a much-loved Star Wars theme for Thursday.

Starting at 7 p.m. with the help of the local group Your Fairy Godmother, a team of trained vocalists and actors, elementary kids ages five to 12 can sign up to train with and battle their favorite heroes and villains. The registration fee is $12 and includes a lightsaber to fight with and take home! Registration is open on the city website and includes four sessions with limited availability.

On Thursday evening, kids will spend a portion of time training with the good guys like Luke Skywalker and Rey and then will also have a chance to train with characters like Darth Vader and Kylo Ren.

After they finish training and are ready for battle, the kids will take the stage at the park to fight with or against their favorite characters.

During the on stage battles, characters will be available for pictures with participants and those in attendance. Prestwich says, “all ages are welcome to get their photos taken with characters that are not currently on stage.”

Following the battle will be a chance to show off Star Wars costumes. All ages are welcome to dress in their Star Wars best. The city hopes to see a great turnout of storm troopers, jedis, and everyone in between.

The Stars Wars-themed night ends with an outdoor showing of “A Force Awakens,” the first movie in the Summer Movie Nights series put on by Saratoga Springs.

While the nights events will between 5-9 p.m., the community fair and carnival will be open as well as food trucks in the park. The city is expecting Kona, Killer Dogs, Donut Kabobs, Fatty Tuna, Spuds, Fry Me To The Moon, Silver Moon Taqueria, and Smokin’ Roadside Grill.

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