It’s a land of fantasy, yet shrouded in mystery; in the middle of a bustling community, but in a time of its own. It’s a place packed with history where stories come to life, and a place where perspective and reality shift. It’s Evermore Park, and no, it’s not the setting for a new film or television show. It’s actually one of the newest members of the community: a unique, immersive theatrical experience set to finally open its gates to the public this month in Pleasant Grove.

Evermore has surfaced in the news on and off again for the past few years, but with its opening imminent (currently set for a soft opening Saturday and a grand opening Sept. 29), there are still a lot of questions swirling as to what guests of the venue can actually expect. With that in mind, here are 10 things you need to know about the magic, mystery and history of Evermore Park.

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