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The ‘What Say Ye?’ podcast: @ProvoGirlsAmIRight founders on stereotypes and the pitfalls of texting

By Court Mann & Derrick Clements, daily Herald - | Jul 18, 2016

Around here, the Instagram account @ProvoGirlsAmIRight is pretty famous — or infamous, depending on whom you ask. In Part 1 of our two-part series on Provo dating, we interview the creators of @ProvoGirlsAmIRight about dealing in stereotypes, growing and responding to an enormous social media following, and emoji being a romantic game-changer.

Play the audio below to listen, or find “What Say Ye?” on SoundCloud and iTunes. Part 2 of our series on Provo dating will be available August 1.


“What Say Ye” Ep. 006: @ProvoGirlsAmIRight founders on stereotypes and the pitfalls of texting


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