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‘Studio C’ stars Jeremy Warner and Mallory Everton visit the ‘What Say Ye?’ podcast

By Court Mann & Derrick Clements - | Nov 22, 2016

In the years since its 2012 debut, BYUtv’s “Studio C” has turned its cast members into local celebrities. And among that cast, perhaps no one is as recognizable as Jeremy Warner and Mallory Everton.

Warner and Everton come on the newest episode of “What Say Ye?” to discuss the strangeness of Provo fandom. Being the faces of the show, of BYUtv — and, to others, of “clean Mormon comedy” in all its glorious virtue — can be a real trip.

“It’s a really weird dynamic that we’ve been very, very hyper-aware of,” Everton said in the interview.

Does it get on their nerves? Well, yeah. But the popular sketch comedy show has also given the young comedians a chance to grow and flourish that they might not have gotten otherwise.

In an interview that was, to say the least, rambunctious, Warner and Everton covered a lot of ground. Subjects include, but are not limited to: weird fans, forbidden sketches, childhood crushes and meeting Conan O’Brien. (Also, dental work — a surprising amount about dental work.)

Play the audio below to listen, or find “What Say Ye?” on iTunes.

The next episode of “What Say Ye?” will be available Dec. 5.


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