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@ByCommonConsent discusses new press on ‘What Say Ye?’ podcast

By Court Mann & Derrick Clements - | Apr 11, 2017

By Common Consent, the popular online forum for Mormon cultural and theological discussion, has grown a lot in its 13 years. But surprise! Mormons still don’t always get along with each other.

“Things aren’t necessarily getting better online,” By Common Consent co-founder and contributor Steve Evans told the “What Say Ye?” podcast last week. “I think if anything, we’re adapting to these forms of media that place an emphasis on immediate emotional reaction. The cumulative effect of that, I think, is that we’re not able to really talk about things in a long, substantive way. We don’t have patience. If you’re trying to get your point across, you just state your point. There’s no such thing as building an argument, considering the other side.”

That’s where BCC Press, By Common Consent’s new non-profit publishing company, comes in. BCC Press launched last week, with Brigham Young University professor Steven L. Peck authoring its first book, “Science the Key to Theology.”

On the newest episode of the “What Say Ye?” podcast, Evans and Peck discuss the aims of the new Mormon-focused press, and what science and religion can learn from one another.

Play the audio below to listen, or find “What Say Ye?” on SoundCloud and iTunes.

Derrick Clements and Court Mann

“What Say Ye?” Ep. 020: @ByCommonConsent discusses new nonprofit press


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