The new film “Before/During/After” is now available on demand. This is the first feature script from Finnerty Steeves from “Orange is the New Black.”

Steeves is Jennie, a theater actress in New York. She is happily married to David (Jeremy Davidson), or so she thinks. Jennie discovers David has a woman on the side. Jennie also wants to have a baby as she is nearing in on the big 4-0. It’s now or never in that department. But with the upheaval in her marriage, her new pregnancy is in jeopardy.

It seems that everything is falling apart for Jennie. As she thinks back on her life and marriage, she is on a road to self-discovery. During this time her friends are her lifeboat. And when she finally has enough with David and his girlfriend, she calls it quits. She cannot sustain her marriage when she cannot trust him.

The comedy part comes into play when the couple tries to find a marriage counselor. They go from one to another. Then when they are divorced, Jennie tries to find a therapist for herself. Every therapist they see has a different view of their situation.

The story unfolds in one day as she is auditioning for a new play. Her memories come flooding back and finally she is able to grab onto her inner emotions and really give it all to this role.

As she maneuvers through the ups and downs of her life, Jennie gains a self-confidence she never had before. She is able to grab life by the reins and take on the world as a single, confident woman.

The movie is garnering plenty of kudos from the film industry. It is an interesting film that won’t be enjoyed by the masses, but it will have its own following.