"Terminator: Dark Fate" is now available in stores.

They’re back!

In 1984 Arnold Schwarzenegger promised he’d be back and he is. Along with Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton), this latest film in the “Terminator” franchise is female driven. “Terminator: Dark Fate” has many nods to the past films, however, it adds a different layer to the time travel aspect of the storylines.

Now it’s Grace (Mackenzie Davis), an augmented human from the future who comes to present day to secure the safety of a young Mexican woman. Dani Ramos (Natalia Reyes) has no idea what is going on when she is targeted by a “thing.” This thing is a robot sent to eliminate her. In the future the robots are ruling and it is Dani who leads a rebellion. If this robot can kill her, there will be no rebellion.

Basically it’s the same kind of story as the original film. If the future terminator kills a present day human, things will be different. But that never seems to happen. The good always wins out, however there are plenty of edge-of-your-seat scenes that pit Connor, Grace, Dani and Carl (aka The Terminator) against the latest robot killer. This new REV-9 (Gabriel Luna) is highly enhanced and it takes all the ingenuity and toughness of the foursome to outwit it. Yet, it keeps coming back.

The bonus features add greatly to the story of how these films are made. Besides deleted and extended scenes, there are additional features taking viewers behind the scenes to show how elements of the film were created.

In the beginning of the movie there is a flashback to the past where Sarah, the Terminator, and John Connor were much younger and their relationship had a different outcome. How did the filmmakers make the actors look like their former selves? That was a tricky bit of special effects that is interesting to see. Another feature looks at the legend of the Terminator. With Hamilton, Davis, Reyes and Schwarzenegger discussing the franchise and their characters, viewers get a deeper insight into the background of the film.

Is this the final chapter for Schwarzenegger’s character? The final showdown could be a clue. Yet the ending of the film suggests the franchise could go on with a more youthful cast as the torch is passed.

For fans of the franchise, it is satisfying to see the original characters reunited. And with today’s movie technology the robots get more advanced with each film. The REV-9 is the most destructive terminator yet.

“Terminator: Dark Fate” is definitely not for kids. It’s a high- octane action-packed, R-rated film. The 4K Ultra HD pack includes the 4k disc, a Blu-ray disc with the bonus features as well as the film, and a digital which includes even more bonus features.