A new season of “Studio C” is fast approaching on BYUtv — with the Season 10 premiere set for Monday.

The new talent starring in the hit sketch comedy recently met with members of the media to discuss the show and their experiences.

Meeting with the media were were Season 10 cast members Jetta Juriansz, Arvin Mitchell, Austin Williams, Dalton Johnson, Matthew Galvan, April Rock, Tanner Gillman and writer/showrunner Jim O’Doherty.

The cast likened the show to that of “The Carol Burnett Show,” in which each of the ensemble members had their own turn to shine and the show was fun for the entire family.

“I remember in my first year, a parent and her child coming up to me,” said Johnson. “I think the child was like 4 years old. And they both said their favorite sketch was this marshmallow sketch, and if you haven’t seen it, I thought that was really cool and that was the first time I really realized that we could really transcend some things because this 4-year-old and her parent both loved the same sketch even though it was for different reasons. I think that’s like a really wonderful shared experience that we can create for people.”

It was evident watching and listening to the team that they truly enjoyed working with each other, and they each have unique talents that blend seamlessly into the format of the show.

“We all have different backgrounds in comedy,” Juriansz said. “Like, Arvin’s a standup. Like, Austin comes from a sketch comedy background. I have an acting and improv background. And so I feel like this is really collaborative because you’re getting all different types of comedy and, also, like, other skillsets that can be brought to sketch comedy like music and dance and just — accents. Pretty much everything’s crammed in there. It’s like a variety show of comedy.”

Cast members were asked about things they can’t do, since “Studio C” is, after all, a family show.

“I guess, we try not to think too much of that in the creative process, ‘cause we feel that can kind of squash good ideas,” Johnson said. “So especially in first drafts, we’re just bringing what we have. And then after that, we can talk about other things like that ‘cause, obviously, it is a family-friendly show, an all-ages comedy show, but we really want to make sure — kind of like what Jim said at first — it’s funny first. So that’s our first priority, and then we can talk about specifics later on.

“I initially thought that the restrictions would be more frustrating than it actually is. I’ve come to find out and this is kind of obvious that, like, there’s an infinite amount of jokes to be told. So, to say that there are a few things you can’t do, of course, there’s still an infinite amount of material to have. … There’s so much to be told and so many perspectives still come out.”

Besides the comedy, there will be plenty of musical aspects to this new season.

“There’s something like one musical sketch per episode just because as a cast a lot of us are really musical, play instruments and we sing,” Rock said. “And that’s been really fun, and I think that’s something that everyone should look forward to.”

The new cast looks like they will be having a blast this season offering a lot of great entertainment for the entire family.