Jonathan Tucker, left, as Bryan Benaventi and Riann Steele as Finola Jones in NBC's "Debris."

The new drama “Debris” is out of this world.

The show is about an alien spaceship that crashed and every week the characters discover new powers that come with each piece of debris found on Earth. With the latest news that the Air Force and the government have been covering up UFO encounters, it is no wonder networks are rushing to cash in on this latest alien enthusiasm.

The series stars Jonathan Tucker and Riann Steele as agents from different countries who are working together to uncover the fascinating phenomenon of each piece of the puzzle.

“I play Bryan Beneventi,” explained Tucker about his character. “I have served overseas in Special Forces and have made my way through a process that we’ll see in the show into this new coalition agency called Orbital, which is a relationship or partnership between the CIA and MI6.”

Steele plays Finola Jones. “She is part of MI6,” she said, “and she joined the coalition from the UK side under Orbital. And Orbital was a creation of my father.”

Tucker explained in a recent virtual press conference, “One of the unique parts about the show is that, week to week, a new piece of debris is discovered. And it allows us, as partners and the audience, to discover the capabilities, the unique capabilities, that this debris has to offer, how it affects people, how it affects the world, and ultimately how it affects ourselves and our own relationships and the people who discover it.”

Steele added, “There is the story of the week and the debris of the week.”

That will be interesting to viewers as each week they will see a new ability a specific piece of debris reveals to humans. It can manipulate the weather, give ESP, and many other interesting things that are new each week.

“It’s hard not to think that there’s something else out there,” Tucker said. “If you’ve got any basic understanding of statistics and numbers, it would be pretty wild to think that we’re all here by ourselves.”

He added, “The debris reveals more and more about who we are kind of as Homo sapiens, but also as we are as individuals.”

Steele questioned our existence.

“How the whatever are we even here? What does it all mean?” She later added, “And are we as great a species as we think we are, or do we have a lot to learn? Have we got it so wrong?”

That, as she said, is why science fiction is so popular with viewers, and even readers. It allows us to explore beyond our own world.

Besides the debris properties, the show also deals with the personalities, triumphs and tragedies of the two main characters. Their lives are woven through the storylines of the debris and every week more is revealed about the characters and the extraterrestrial fragments.

“Debris” premieres Monday on NBC.