If you thought the Disney Company was just all about movies and theme parks, think again.

Disney encompasses films, TV (ABC is part of the Disney Company), theme parks around the world, publishing, music and even conservation. “One Day at Disney” is a new film showing many of the “Cast Members” as the employees are called, and introduces viewers to the vast world that makes up the Disney Company.

Eric Goldberg is an animator at the Disney Studios. He discusses his background and his job, which he says is not just a job. He loves coming to work and is thrilled his life took the turn it did.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is the newest land at Disneyland and Walt Disney World. Eric Baker talks about making the movie come to life for the guests to the parks. All the work that went into the minute details makes the land as authentic as stepping into another galaxy.

Mark Gonzales works at the Disneyland Railroad. He says although people think the entire Disney Company started with a mouse, in fact, in his opinion, it started with a train. Walt drew Mickey Mouse while traveling on a train. Gonzales is happy to bring the joy and wonder of train travel to the guests at Disneyland.

Dr. Natalie Mylniczenko is a veterinarian that cares for a variety of animals, both aquatic and terrestrial, at the Walt Disney World Resort. There are so many areas in Walt Disney World that have animals. First of all is Animal Kingdom, with plenty of wildlife. They all need to be cared for. In Epcot there are aquatic animals in “The Seas.” They too need constant attention. Mylniczenko is one of the doctors overseeing the health and well being of all the animals.

Besides these talented and caring people, there are many others highlighted in this film. From creating the wonderful books that bring the Disney characters and stories to the pages to creating the droids that wander around the parks, the folks at Disney are constantly using their imaginations and skills to raise the bar in every aspect of the company.

Disney theme parks, classic characters, modern characters, movies, books, music, Disney Channel, Disney+, ABC, Fox, Marvel, Star Wars, and much more make up the Disney Company. And CEO Bob Iger explains the company to viewers. He says it is all about bringing happiness to the world. And most people can agree something within the Disney Company has given them some happiness in their lives.

“One Day at Disney” is narrated by Sterling K. Brown. It premiered recently on Disney+, which will continue to release shorts each week following 52 people within the company.