“For All Mankind” is an engrossing story revolving around NASA in an alternate universe.

The first season began with the Soviets being the first to land on the moon. From there the history of the world as we know it is completely different. Ted Kennedy became president because there was no Chappaquiddick to stand in his way. Everything is different from what we know and have lived through.

The Cold War is even colder than it was and the USA and the USSR are in races to be the first to do everything. But it was the USA to be the first to find water on the moon and put a moon base up there. The first season was amazing and mesmerizing.

The second season is even more so. Personally, I found it too engrossing to stop watching. I stayed up until the wee hours in the morning streaming all 10 episodes. I saw all of then in just two days, and let me say I am in awe of this show. I could not stop watching, and I am anxiously waiting for the next season.

I will not spill what happens during Season 2. Any little tidbit would spoil it for viewers. But I can say that this season is filled with plenty of drama in the lives of the astronauts and a lot of tension both on Earth and on the moon. When this season opens, both the USA and the USSR have established thriving bases on the moon. The tension between the countries only adds to the drama that is going on in the lives of the characters.

What makes this series as good as it is is the way real people are woven into the show and real events are used and adjusted to fit this new timeline. There are voice doubles to alter the words of historic figures like Kennedy and Reagan. Even though viewers know these people did not actually interact with the characters, it is extremely realistic.

The series is addicting and captivating. By weaving actual video and historic people into the storylines, it seems like the events are real. While watching the Pathfinder spacecraft taking off in a completely new way, I actually thought it was an amazing thing to watch, but then I reminded myself this is fiction. That is how realistic the show is. And because it is so realistic, it is that much more emotional and addicting.

“For All Mankind” recently returned and Season 2 is now available on Apple TV+.

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