When the cast of the new Fox sitcom “Outmatched” met with members of the media recently, Jason Biggs was obviously asked about being “the ‘American Pie’ guy. After all, this new show is a family sitcom and that 1999 movie propelled him into stardom.

“Well, I'll say this,” Biggs acknowledged, “there is absolutely nothing that's annoying for me about the ‘American Pie’ movies or being involved in it. Certainly not anymore. It changed my life, and it's the reason I'm still here, still in the game today. But it certainly feels like it happened overnight, where I was the young dude in ‘American Pie,’ and now I'm playing the dad to kids who were born after ‘American Pie’ came out. It is pretty surreal.”

Biggs added, “But, look, I'm lucky, very lucky, that I'm still here. A movie like that, to even have been involved with that in the first place, is incredible, and I feel very lucky. But the fact that I've come out of it and I'm still able to sort of be working now is, I feel, extra lucky. So do I hope that this erases anything? Certainly not. I hope it just adds to (my life). And yeah, I'm really grateful to be here.”

And now a new generation is starting to discover that iconic film.

“The craziest thing," he said, "is not the kids that come up to me and say, ‘Oh, you're in that movie.’ It's the kids that come up to me and go, ‘My dad is a big fan of yours.’ I'm, like, ‘Wait, what? How old are you?’ But yeah, it's still surreal. Yeah, it's my life for the rest of my life.”

So what is his new sitcom all about? As “The Big Bang Theory,” “Young Sheldon” and “Malcom in the Middle” brought genius to the forefront of TV viewing, so does “Outmatched.” It is the story of a family bringing up three exceptionally intelligent children and one very normal child.

Being on a sitcom might be a daunting task for any young actor, however these particular actors have an added burden of learning more than just their storylines.

“Well, personally I have enjoyed playing Nicole immensely, said Ashley Boettcher. “I've gotten to learn new languages, because I play a hyperpolyglot, which means I'm fluent in a lot of languages. So it's definitely more challenging than playing a typical high school teenager. But the cool thing about our characters is that we do have those same age related struggles that normal teenagers go through. We deal with high school. We deal with dating. We deal with stuff like that. So it's a fun balance and a fun mix.”

“For me, there's just a lot of big words that I have to remember,” said Connor Kalopsis. “I'm one that doesn't like to learn a bunch of big words, but that's what my job entails. But yeah, that's probably the biggest thing that is different about playing a genius.”

Raising kids is a daunting task, and as Biggs conceded, with the latest technology and everything in the world changing rapidly, he has a greater appreciation of parenthood, having become a parent himself.

“Outmatched” premieres Thursday on Fox. Be prepared for an unusual family sitcom.