It’s hard to believe but Easter is just around the corner.

On April 16, kids will be hunting for eggs and opening their baskets. What will you put in your kids’ Easter baskets this year to make it memorable and fun?

Here are a few suggestions:

JAKKS Pacific has some great items for kids this year. From the World of Nintendo are collectible articulated figures featuring Super Mario, Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda, Animal Crossing, and more. And there are plush characters as well. For the biggest Super Mario and Luigi fan, the 20-inch Jumbo plush or the 20-inch action figure will be a welcome site.

If your kid is a Smurf fan there are plenty of toys to go along with the new movie. An assortment of figures are sold in “blind packages” so you never know what surprise awaits inside. Talk about double excitement. First there is the box, then a surprise Smurf inside. And the Smurf Mushroom House Playsets come with special accessories. Also from “Smurfs: The Lost Village” are 8-inch Bean Bag Plush characters. And for the biggest fans of the gang of blue, the Jumbo Plush Smurflily, Papa Smurf, and the Talking Plush Smurfette and Clumsy will delight kids.

The Disney Tsum Tsum Easter Mystery Pack from JAKKS Pacific includes pastel-colored characters. There are 12 different characters to collect in the Easter Mystery Packs. The rarest is a gold Winnie the Pooh! There is also an egg-shaped Tsum Tsum pack that is only available at Target stores plus a Pastel Parade limited-edition Disney Tsum Tsum that is only sold at Walgreens. The “ingredients” listed on the box of six include: Dash of Mickey, Pinch of Minnie, Tbsp of Thumper, Sprinkle of Miss Bunny, Pint of Piglet, and a Dollop of Winnie the Pooh. Don’t throw away this box. It’s unique and definitely adorable.

The Disney Store has mystery individual packs of Tsum Tsums that include Mickey, Minnie, Dumbo and Donald. Which one will you get? It’s a surprise.

Little girls will be delighted when they see a Cuppatinis Doll in their basket. As the folks at JAKKS say, “It is a 2-in-1 tea party.” Each 3.5-inch doll transforms into a teacup with a flip of their skirt. There is Cha Cha Chai, Carmela la Crème, Rose Hippensip, Mocha Lisa, Lola Vander and Jasmint. And each doll also includes a mini teacup to use to “feed” the dolls when they are in doll-mode. There are also sets of these adorable dolls with accessories. The dolls still transform into teacups, but they also come along with other items, like a teapot or Tea Cart.

The Palace Pets Whisker Haven Tales are filled with colorful and adorable critters. The Pop & Stick Mini Surprise packs include a mini palace pet and an accessory. They are also “blind packages” so it’s a mystery which one is inside: Gleam, Lily, Macaron, Matey, Nyle, Thistleblossom, Sultan, Bloom, Bibbidy, Seashell, Nuzzles, Sweetie, Blossom, Slipper, Teacup, Meadow, Daisy, Honeycake, Bayou, Blondie, River, Lapis, Lychee and Brook. With suction cups attached to the pets, they can easily and safely stick on headboards, walls or any place a little imagination desires. These packs make great additions to Easter baskets this year.

And for plush lovers, Disney has created special Easter-themed Minnies, Mickeys, Angel and Stitch. Each one is soft and cuddly, and will be loved longer than just Easter week. They all have bunny ears to reflect the holiday.

There are two different Mickey and Minnie plush figures. There are 19-inch black mice adorned in Easter outfits and wearing bunny ears on the top of their heads. And there are 9-inch pastel-colored mice (pink and blue), with matching bunny ears and bows to be a bit more festive.

We all know Stitch and Angel are already blue and pink but for Easter they each wear special bunny suits with floppy ears. The two of them together make quite a pair. Stitch and Angel are each 10.5 inches tall.

And if you don’t have a basket yet, consider the Thumper Easter Bag. It makes a great Easter basket or a special bag for collecting eggs. It will be handed down through the generations.

These are just the tip of the iceberg this year. Whatever you put into your child’s Easter Basket is sure to be treasured. Happy Easter!