The long-running drama series “How to Get Away with Murder” came to an end. Viewers were wondering how the storylines would wrap up and if there would be room for more in the future. Well, they got their answers when the finale aired. And it was a satisfying finale for everyone who was enthralled by the series since it premiered in 2014.

When the producers, writers, and cast first introduced the series to the media in the summer of 2014, it was unclear how the various storylines would play out over 90 episodes. The first few episodes introduced the characters who, although they only wanted to get a law education, found themselves involved in many murders and nefarious plots through the subsequent seasons.

Viola Davis who played Annalise Keating spoke about what her character would be like.

“I think we're all morally questionable,” she said about people in general. “I think that we so much act on nature and not on morals. So I found (Annalise) to be a realistic protagonist. I find her to be very human, as we all are, that we all have gray areas. And that was the attraction for me.”

Davis said about her character, “She's messy. She's a woman. She's sexual. She's vulnerable. And I think I feel extremely fortunate that I am alive and still active and this role came to me at this point in my life.”

As viewers came to discover through the six seasons, every one of the characters in the series had strengths and weaknesses. Every one was a bit questionable when it came to morality.

The finale brought together many of the cast from the past and it was a pleasure to see Cicely Tyson appear once again as Annalise’s mother. The end of the final episode wrapped all of the storylines up in a tight little bow and there were no questions remaining. This is the way to end a hit show! This was an enjoyable and completely satisfying end to a series that has captivated viewers and taken them on a roller coaster ride for six years.

Many times when a hit drama series ends, it leaves viewers feeling unfulfilled. But this ending hit the mark. It was the best way to put an end to the stories of all of the characters and viewers undoubtedly felt the series was complete when the final credits rolled.

Bravo to the writers of this series who gave all the viewers and fans a wonderful sendoff to the characters they have followed intently for several years.