Hugh Grant

Hugh Grant stars in "A Very English Scandal" on Amazon Prime.

Hugh Grant leaves the big screen for a role in the Amazon Prime drama “A Very English Scandal.”

Grant recently spoke with members of the media and explained why he had decided to take a turn on the small screen.

“I was the last of the snobs to get over that difference between film and TV," he said. "So I was slightly horrified when these scripts turned up from Stephen Frears and I realized it was television. I mean, really. But it was just, as I said earlier, it was just so good. The book upon which it was based was so cleverly blackly comedic.”

Grant went on to explain, “One of the reasons I was snobby about television is because I was behind the times, I didn’t really understand how it works anymore, because I only ever watched motor racing or tennis. And I hadn’t seen anything at all. I’m the man who hasn’t seen ‘Sopranos,’ there’s something wrong with me. But anyway, one of my children has now taught me to work the television properly. And I know how to get Netflix, I’m rather proud of myself. And I’ve watched ‘The Crown’ and thought it was sublime. And I just watched ‘Big Little Lies’ and thought that was equally good.”

Grant discussed his past roles in romantic comedies. These days he is accepting quite different roles.

“Well, I don’t want to look a gift horse in the mouth in the sense of turning down a romantic comedy … because I’m proud of them and they are very popular and they are popular to this day … a lot of them. If I get home from the pub and switch on the TV, there’s always … there I am … chatting up some girl and I … so I’m sort of grateful to them. But I’m also very pleased to be through them I have to say.” He continued, “Because, I think some of the stuff I get offered to do now is fractionally more challenging and interesting.”

“Notting Hill,” “Two Weeks Notice,” “Love Actually,” “Music and Lyrics,” “Florence Foster Jenkins,” “Paddington 2,” “Did You Hear About the Morgans?,” and “Bridget Jones” are some of his recent popular films.

When asked if he would consider returning to the “Bridget Jones” franchise, he said, “They had a version of ‘Bridget 3’ which had (my character) Daniel Cleaver a lot, but I could never make him work in that story. It was such a good set up – Bridget gets pregnant with two men, she’s not sure which it is, that’s brilliant. It was always great for 10 pages. But then I just didn’t know how Daniel Cleaver would react to that. I thought he would have run away from the situation. So then you’re sort of not in the film. And then they invented a version where he sort of stuck around and changed completely and was really into having a baby, I thought that’s just not him. And in the end we gave up and they wrote a completely different version … which worked rather well I thought.”

Grant is equally impressive in comedy as he is in drama. He is now available to watch on Amazon Prime in the dark comedy “A Very English Scandal,” where he is receiving rave reviews from critics and viewers.

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