Jo Frost is "Supernanny." Season 8 of the popular TV show is now airing on Lifetime.

She’s back!

Jo Frost returns to Lifetime TV for another round of her show “Supernanny.”

“The return of ‘Supernanny’ season 8 is fresh and it's modern,” Frost said, while addressing a group of television critics. “And we're gonna be helping every type of family, every type of age child. So nothing's off limits. And that's what you will be seeing in the season.”

Frost acknowledged technology has changed the way families interact. With everyone involved with smart phones and tablets, the relationships between family members is different than it was even a decade ago.

“And really the ‘Supernanny’ show highlights the importance of being able to navigate this space that we truly are all in in society,” she said. “How do we enjoy the entertainment off the tablet and the cell phone, but how do we stay connected as a family in a disconnected world through the technology? And so the balance is really being able to help many families that we will see across the whole 20 episodes of the season in being able to find that balance. How do we give the kids the tablets but, at the same time, recognize that we can still communicate with one another and still bond and have those relationships? And that’s what we'll be seeing.

“And a parent can Google search a lot of parenting challenges, but what I provide is three decades of expertise and wisdom. And we certainly need somebody like myself, a professional, to be able to go out there and really give that guidance on a ground-zero level; somebody who has been in the trenches with those families, but certainly the call-out for the help, the demand, those families pleading for the expertise, for the guidance.”

Frost is a very personable woman and just listening to her is a calming experience in its own right.

“You know, families evolve and I'm presented with different challenges all the time,” she said. “We can look at certainly parental challenges that are universal, but we cannot mistake the fact that each family is unique in their own way, they have their own dynamics. So as a professional you really do have to make sure that you're up to speed with your homework, that you're listening to those families on the ground and you're able to facilitate what you know they need and what will really help them. And you hope that the process, for them -- which is not always easy, it can be very difficult emotionally, mentally, but you hope it's enough to make them feel proud as parents, and do the best that they can by their children, of course.”

There is no doubt Frost takes her job seriously and her empathy for families is what makes her great at what she does. Unfortunately not every family can have the Supernanny come to their house and help and advise them. Every family faces challenges, however, the show covers plenty of different problems so families, even though Frost is not actually in their house, can provide guidance via the show in a variety of challenges.

The current season of "Supernanny" is now airing on Lifetime.