"Killerman" is now available in stores.

Liam Hemsworth stars in “Killerman,” a story that takes viewers into the bowels of the criminal underworld in New York City. This is a dark and brutal story with plenty of blood and gore.

Hemsworth is Moe Diamond, a kind-hearted jeweler and money launderer with his friend Skunk (Emory Cohen). Together they work for Skunk’s uncle Perico (Zlatko Buric), a ruthless criminal in need of clean money. Moe is ingenious in how he washes the illegal goods and turns them into clean and untraceable money.

One day Skunk decides they need to take advantage of a seemingly easy drug deal and talks Moe into being his partner. But this easy deal goes incredibly wrong and instead of the two of them walking away with millions of dollars, they are on the run from a gang of dirty cops. While escaping the callous dirty cops who will stop at nothing to regain possession of their drugs, which they illegally took from the station’s evidence locker, a car chase ensuing through the streets of NYC turns into a big car crash. Both Skunk and Moe are injured, but Moe takes the brunt of the accident.

Moe has lost his memory and as Skunk tries to help him remember who he is, the duo must also keep one step ahead of the dirty cops who are, by this time, intent on getting back their drugs, no matter who they have to kill to do it. If they don’t get the “evidence” back to the station soon and without anyone knowing they took it, they will lose their jobs and most likely go to jail. So they are more than eager to do whatever it takes to get their drugs – and the money – at all cost.

But nothing is easy for the pair. One thing after another goes wrong in their escape from the dirty cops. And the bodies keep piling up. With all of this evil around him, Moe turns from a nice guy into a heartless killer. Survival is their goal. But how far must they go to survive?

Yes, this is a brutal and dark story. But it is also interesting on many levels as viewers see Moe’s transformation as he experiences one horrific situation after another. And to keep things even more on edge, this all takes place in one day.

“Killerman,” which was released in stores Tuesday, is rated R for violence (of course), pervasive language, drug material, and some sexuality. Hemsworth is worth watching as Moe, and viewers will be rooting for him from start to finish.

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