Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

Miss Phryne (Fry-nee) Fisher is one of a kind.

She is a liberal woman in 1920s Australia. She is not afraid of anything, except spiders. Currently all three seasons of “Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries” are available to view on ACORN TV, along with the new film.

Phryne (Essie Davis) is a popular character so there is a good chance she will return for another season, along with her cohorts.

Speaking of cohorts, in the beginning Phryne gets under the nerves of Detective Inspector Jack Robinson (Nathan Page), but being a forward-thinking man, he discovers how helpful she can be when they are both solving murders together. And Constable Hugh Collins (Hugo Johnstone-Burt) even goes out of his way to include Phryne in the cases. After all, she is more helpful than anyone else and she has a keen eye as well of unparalleled insight to go along with her amazing wardrobe!

Phryne enlists the services of Miss Dorothy Williams (Ashleigh Cummings) to be her personal assistant. Through the seasons viewers see this young woman blossom from an insecure, afraid girl into a self-reliant and self-assured woman.

Mr. Butler (Richard Bligh) is the butler. With a name like Butler what else would he do? Phryne also adds two street-wise men, Bert and Cec (Travis McMahon and Anthony J. Sharpe) to her group. Together they help the police with the many murders they encounter, at almost every turn.

Others in the series include Phryne’s Aunt Prudence (Miriam Margolyes), her friend Dr. Mac (Tammy Macintosh) who ends up becoming the medical examiner, which is a great bonus for Phryne, who always finds she requires more information about the deceased, and Jane (Ruby Rees), a young girl Phryne basically adopts.

The episodes are filled with intrigue as well as some bits of comedy and the growing sexual tension between Phryne and Jack Robinson. And let’s not forget Phryne’s incredible wardrobe.

The latest addition to the show is a movie, “Miss Fisher and the Crypt of Tears” that recently dropped on ACORN TV.

And, to add even more fun to the Fisher phenomenon, there is also “Miss Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries” which so far includes one season. In this series, Peregrine Fisher (Geraldine Hakewill), Phryne’s niece, inherits everything from Phryne and takes up where her aunt left off. The difference is this series takes place in 1960s Melbourne, about 30 years after the original series.

The Miss Fisher stories are taken from a popular book series penned by Kerry Greenwood.