'NASA: A Journey Through Space'

"NASA: A Journey Through Space" is now available.

July 2019 marks the 50th anniversary of Neil Armstrong’s first steps on the moon. To commemorate this historic event, “NASA: A Journey Through Space” is now available on a 2-disc Blu-ray plus Digital code.

“NASA: A Journey Through Space” is a complete history of man’s interest in all things space. From ancient mythology to Jules Verne, we have been fascinated by space. The documentary checks out the early “air ships” and the inventive mind of H.G. Wells. And who among us hasn’t seen that old black and white clip from a silent film with the rocket crashing into the eye of the man in the moon?

The United States first got into the space business with the National Advisory Committee For Aeronautics. This led to the advancement of airplanes in times of war. Then came the rockets, missiles and satellites. Everything evolved through time as technology was only matched by man’s desire to conquer space.

Television and movies spurred our imaginations about space and aliens. Comic heroes also turned young kids into wanna-be spacemen and spacewomen.

In 1958 NASA was born. This was during the Cold War and the space race. America began its space program, which began with the Mercury program, then went on to the Gemini flights, and ultimately the Apollo missions that took men to the moon.

After the successful moon landings, the space stations were created and with the help of the shuttle, they became international successes. With Hubble, the Mars Rovers and more, we have finally gone to places only dreamed about throughout history.

This program looks at each flight in NASA’s mission to the moon, and many of the shuttle flights. It also examines the politics that continue to drive many of the space programs. Financing has been the main thorn in the side of NASA, however, with the addition of private companies like SpaceX, things are looking up -- no pun intended.

This documentary is a great history of space. This summer, while you remember or think about the first steps on the moon, gather your family together for a few nights of space history. It’s well worth it. This title is now available.