'Never Again is Now'

"Never Again is Now" is a powerful documentary that will be released on Oct. 23.

“Never Again is Now” is a documentary that will not only enlighten viewers but also awaken them to the status of humanity in current times.

Evelyn Markus brings an emotional story to light as she reflects on the past and shows how civilization is repeating the horrors again. With this awakening, viewers will be able to join together and stop the atrocities that are sweeping over the planet.

Markus is a Dutch Jew who discusses the plight of Jews during the holocaust and how life after was brighter for Jews. But times have changed and with the rise of Muslim extremists and the Alt-Right, the lives of Jewish people around the globe are in danger. Yes, danger.

Markus had to leave her homeland and found comfort in the United States. This is the country that promises freedom of religion. She discusses and shows how Europe is being enveloped by anti-Semitism and how in many countries the schools are not allowed to even mention the holocaust. Jews are being tormented on the streets and their safety is in jeopardy.

But that is not a trend that is only happening in Europe. On the contrary, the United States is slowly following as anti-Semitism is beginning to spread its hate in the U.S.

With interviews with devout Muslim physician Qanta Ahmed, who is one Muslim helping to sound the alarm, religious leaders, government leaders and others, this film demonstrates that people are definitely concerned about the spread of anti-Semitism and the hatred that is part of life these days, as in the time of Hitler.

I challenge anyone to replace the word “Jew” with “Catholic” or “Hindi” or “woman” or “black” or “gay” or “Mormon” or anything else and see how they feel. The spread of anti-Semitism and hatred is focused on the Jewish people right now, but who knows the next group that will be targeted?

It is astonishing to see the harassment and insults Jews encounter just by walking down the streets in Europe. Will that soon be the case in the United States?

Every person in the U.S. House of Representatives, the Senate, state and local government offices needs to see this film. It is an important and eye-opening lesson for anyone who has not experienced this hatred.

On a personal note, I have also felt the tensions and have had nightmares about finding a swastika or a Star of David spray painted on my house. And this is in California. No American should have to live in fear in this country. And no one, wherever they are in the world, should have to live in fear due to their religion or personal beliefs.

“Never Again is Now” is a lesson and a wake-up call. It goes right to the heart of humanity. If viewers do not get a twinge in their stomach or a tear in their eye or even a feeling of anger, they do not care about their fellow humans!

“Never Again is Now” is being released Oct. 23 on VOD via Amazon US and Amazon UK. There is one word to describe this film, and that is “POWERFUL.”

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