"Astronaut," starring Richard Dreyfuss, opens in theaters on Friday.

Richard Dreyfuss stars as Angus, a widower with unfulfilled dreams. His whole life he wanted to be an astronaut but never made the cut. He was a great civil engineer, however he always dreamed of going into space. “Astronaut” is a movie about life, dreams, hopes, and aging.

Angus moved in with his daughter Molly (Krista Bridges), her husband, Jim (Lyriq Bent); and their son Barney (Richie Lawrence). He and his grandson have a great relationship, however his relationship with his son-in-law is a bit strained and Jim sets out to move Angus into a senior living facility. In a sense, he is putting the old man out to pasture, which is what many people do when their family members get old and need attention.

Angus isn’t happy about the move but does not want to be a burden to his family, so he goes without a fuss, although with great remorse.

While this is happening, a billionaire/entrepreneur named Marcus (Colm Feore) is preparing his space plane for its inaugural flight. Marcus wants to make space travel available for everyone and has a contest for the first civilian on the maiden flight. At the last minute, Angus enters the contest, lying about his age. And he manages to be one of the final contestants, however, his health ultimately keeps him from the final cut. Once again he sees his dream go out the window.

But that isn’t what worries Angus. As a civil engineer, he knows about soil and rocks, and is convinced the runway on which the rocket plane will take off will not be able to handle the weight and ultimately cause a catastrophic disaster. But how can he make them understand?

Dreyfuss is good in this role. He shows not only the difficult aspects of growing old, but also the fact that even old people can be important in many ways and they still have hopes and dreams to fulfill. His sensitive performance brings sympathy and compassion to the character.

“Astronaut” opens in theaters on Friday.

Check out the movie's trailer HERE.