schitt's creek

"Schitt's Creek" will coming to an end with its upcoming season 6 series finale.

After six popular seasons, the sitcom “Schitt’s Creek” is coming to an end.

The show has garnered four Emmy nominations, five Critics' Choice Awards nominations, two SAG Award nominations, a PGA Award nomination and a GLAAD Award nomination for Outstanding Comedy Series. The series stars Catherine O’Hara, Annie Murphy, and Eugene and Dan Levy.

The Levy father-and-son duo, also the creators and executive producers on the show, met with members of the media for this final look at the end of their beloved series.

This was the first collaborative effort for the Levy family. Eugene and Dan had never worked together and they decided this was the time and the vehicle to do it.

“I think it was always a tricky thing to go to my dad,” Dan admitted, “because I knew that there was the potential for there to be that nepotism thing that's sort of thrown around, which is so annoying, but it happens. And I guess I can understand it to an extent, but I did feel like I was bringing something to the table, and I was not relying on him for anything, but, rather, we would be working together on something, and I would be trying my best to sort of work with his sensibility and his history and comedy to create something fresh that was a voice not just his, but mine and sort of something we could have done together.”

And, as viewers have come to realize, the father/son combination works well.

“I always knew how I wanted the show to end,” Dan said.

Once they were guaranteed seasons 5 and 6, Dan knew he wanted to tie everything up in a good ending for the characters and the fans.

“It surpassed all my expectations, just because we have such an extraordinary cast,” Dan said. “I think when you're working with people that are so deeply sort of embedded in their characters, storytelling comes out just in the day-to-day shoot experience of shooting a scene, but more or less, I would say 80 percent was how I sort of pictured it in my head, and then 20 percent was magic.”

Being on POP TV and not one of the main networks might have been a problem for the show if its viewers hadn’t discovered it and realized how much fun it was.

“I think the beautiful thing about the show is that it really seems to have come from enthusiasm, where people have found it and felt like they found something that other people hadn't seen, and they were telling their friends,” Dan said.

O’Hara added, “Our viewers are lovely people who badger their friends and family until they watch the show.”

Eugene Levy and O’Hara were not new to working with each other. They had co-starred in the Christopher Guest series of feature films: “A Mighty Wind,” “Best in Show,” “Waiting for Guffman” and “For Your Consideration.” And fans of the “American Pie” films have adored Levy as the father of Jason Biggs’ character.

Watching the cast banter on stage and answer questions, it was evident they all enjoyed their time together and fans of all ages have embraced the series.

As of this writing the finale is set to air the first week of April.