Fans of “The Crown” have anxiously waited for the third season.

This Netflix show is a talked-about series among fans of the royal family as well as the history of England, not to mention the amazing portrayals of the real-life characters. So, what can viewers expect in this third season?

The season begins with the death of Winston Churchill (1965) and ends with the queen’s jubilee in 1977. In between, there are plenty of dramatic stories that play out in the decade between these two monumental events.

The country elects Harold Wilson, the first Labour leader in decades to win the coveted position. He ran the country from 1964-70 then returned to the position in 1974 after Edward Heath (1970-74) did not gain the confidence of the voters. The government was plagued by strikes and strife in the country.

The season deals with plenty of personal conflicts in the royal family as well. First there is the midlife crisis of the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip. Then there are the antics of Princess Margaret and her husband, Anthony Armstrong Jones. Their marriage was rife with infidelity and plenty of booze. And those knowledgeable about the royal family already know how much of a party girl Princess Margaret was.

The end of Duke

Princess Anne comes into play in this season as she is grown now and living life on her own terms, even if that means cavorting between the sheets with men, unbecoming a royal princess. Charles undertakes his education of Wales, a land seeking independence. Charles’ investiture as Prince of Wales awakens a duty in him and serves to assure the people of Wales that they have a friend in their new prince.

Charles also begins an affair with Camilla Shand, who is also seeing her other lover Andrew Parker Bowles. Charles would love nothing more than to marry her, however, the powers that be (his grandmother the Queen Mother and his guiding uncle Lord Mountbatten) think the woman is not suitable for the future King of England.

Also in this season, Wallis Simpson (Geraldine Chaplin) and David, Duke of Windsor (Derek Jacobi) play a confusing role in the life of Charles and the Queen. His death marks the end of a sad era in the royal family.

With the antics and heartbreaks of Margaret and Charles, the family is put to the test. Will the monarchy last or is it obsolete?

Olivia Colman takes over the role of Queen Elizabeth II this season. Tobias Menzies takes on the persona of Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. Helena Bonham Carter plays the mischievous Princess Margaret, and Josh O’Connor steps into the role of Prince Charles. Erin Doherty is wonderful as Princess Anne.

So, who comes off the best in this season? It looks like Lord Mountbatten has a favorable arc. Not looking too good are Margaret, her husband Tony, Camilla and her boyfriend/husband Andrew.

All 10 episodes of season three of “The Crown” as well as the previous 20 episodes of the series can be seen on Netflix. Next year the series takes on new challenges for the royal family, including the arrival of Diana and the country elects Margaret Thatcher.