“Abominable” is a fun and sentimental animated film about home and family. It’s filled with magic, adorable characters and especially a fun-loving little Yeti.

The story takes place in China where Yi (voiced by Chloe Bennet) lives with her mother and grandmother. She is still grieving the loss of her father and is intent on taking a trip through the country to visit all the wonderful places he told her about.

Yi keeps herself busy all day doing odd jobs to raise money for her dream. Then one day she discovers a giant beast hiding on the roof. He is a Yeti and has escaped his captors.

Yi discovers he is from the Himalayan Mountains and names him “Everest.” This giant animal is actually a small Yeti child and relates to Yi and her friends Jin (Norgay Trainor) and his young cousin Peng (Albert Tsai). Due to some unusual circumstances, the four of them are off on a wild adventure together to return Everest to his home and his parents.

Along the way they must outrun and outwit the people who want the Yeti for a trophy. Unfortunately, the humans are the greatest threat to Everest and his family, but if the trio can manage to get him close enough to his home, the Yeti magical powers will be enough to cloak their home, as it has done for centuries.

The film includes some memorable songs and immerses viewers in the wonders of China. It is a heartwarming film for all ages with plenty of music, scenery, comedy and of course a whimsical story that will win over the hearts of everyone.

The bonus features include some deleted scenes and a look at how the storyboarding and animating of the story progressed. There is a “making of” feature and a cute look at the voice cast as they explain their lives and their characters. Plenty of other bonus features add to the fun of the disc, including some wise hints about taking care of pets, life lessons on being an independent woman, a cooking lesson to make the pork buns eaten in the film, craft lessons on how to draw the characters and make Chinese lanterns, and even more fun and interesting bonuses.

With all the extra features and a heartwarming story with memorable characters, “Abominable” is a delightful film to bring home this holiday season. “Abominable” is available on a Blu-ray Combo Pack, a 4K Ultra pack, and DVD.