Steven Mackintosh as Brother Samson, Malin Åkerman as Martha, Charlie Heaton as Kurt in the new AMC show "Soulmates." 

What if there was a test to connect you with your soulmate? Would you want to take it or would you prefer to find a mate on your own?

The new AMC show “Soulmates” is about just that. Forget about today’s online dating sites. This test finds the one exact soulmate for each person. The producers and cast of the show recently took part in a virtual press conference with many members of the media.

Co-Creater Brett Goldstein stated, “I think if you’re, say, in your late 20s and you’ve had a few bad relationships and you’re single, the idea of knowing there’s a soulmate for you is wonderful and the answer to all your prayers.”

But what if you are already married and discover your spouse is not your soulmate selected by the test results? What would you do?

“The whole idea for the show came from me and Will Bridges, my co-writer, co-creator,” Goldstein explained. “We wanted to write about relationships and modern relationships, and we were looking for a way we could do that, and we came up with this concept of the soulmate test, and it felt like the more we talked about it, it was like there’s an infinite number of stories, because every single person has their own view of what love is and what love means.”

Actor Sarah Snook was asked about the premise of the series and whether she would take the test.

“I thought it was interesting that while shooting the episode that we did that just taking a kind of anecdotal tally of cast and crew, it was pretty divided of who would take the test and who wouldn’t take the test; who believed in a soulmate and who didn’t believe in a soulmate, because for me approaching the project I was pretty confirmed that, yeah, of course, I’d take the test and pretty amazed that people would think twice about taking it.”

Kingsley Ben-Adir plays Franklin in the show. He feels differently. “I guess I find it really hard to wrap my head around the idea of what, like, perfection in a relationship is, because I’m sort of convinced that it’s about hard work and time, and really getting to know someone and like going through stuff. And then so the idea that there’s someone perfect out there for you just kind of confuses me; do you know what I mean? And so I don’t think I would take it.”

Malin Akerman explained she is not on board with the notion that the “perfect” person for each individual is not necessarily the right one. She plays the role of Martha. “I definitely think that there's so much to be had from someone who is different than you, that you have things but also the commonality of maybe values and morals. But definitely makes it more exciting and fun and challenging when you have someone who’s different.”

The show follows several relationships and it has already been renewed for a second season. It's now playing on AMC.

So, would you want to take the test?