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Elizabeth McGovern narrates this amazing documentary featuring never-before-seen video of John F. Kennedy Jr. and Carolyn Bessette’s wedding weekend.

The events were taped by John’s friend and never released until now. "JFK Jr. and Carolyn's Wedding: The Lost Tapes" is a great piece of history.

Billy Noonan, John’s best friend, was tasked by John to film the events, although at the time he had no idea what he would be filming or where. All he and the rest of the guests knew was that John and Carolyn were going to get married. And they had to keep that a secret.

They were only given a few days advance notice, then whisked off to Florida where they then were taken to South Carolina and a small out-of-the-way town with one hotel.

The wedding rehearsal dinner took place on the veranda of the hotel, after which everyone went down to the beach where they continued to celebrate. The following day they boarded pick-up trucks and took a bumpy ride to a tiny church where the wedding was to take place.

Due to last-minute problems, the wedding took place hours after the appointed time, in a church without electricity. So they improvised with candles and the ceremony took place entirely by candlelight. This added to the mood of the couple, who were obviously deeply in love.

Watching it all is a special treat for those who were there and were seeing it on a monitor for the first time. The documentary first covers the early lives of Carolyn and John, their courtship, and the lead up to the wedding. Including friends and others discussing the tape as it plays is a fun addition to this film. Viewers get an insight into what happened during that private weekend.

What is also interesting is how John narrowed down his guest list. Due to the size of his family and the size of the church, he could not invite everyone, so he had to restrict the guest list to one member of each branch of the Kennedy clan.

While viewers watch the weekend unfold they will undoubtedly see the love the couple shared and the lengths they went through to keep the weekend a secret from the world. What a coup!

After the amazing wedding weekend film, viewers learn what happened to the couple in the following years and their death, along with Carolyn’s sister, in a tragic plane crash.

What would have happened to the couple had they not died? That is a question no one can answer. And until now the public could not know what happened on their wedding weekend. But thanks to Noonan, this little piece of their lives is now public, and a remarkable film to watch.

"JFK Jr. and Carolyn's Wedding: The Lost Tapes," a two-hour special, will air Saturday on TLC.