Truth is the Only Client

"Truth is the Only Client: The Official Investigation of the murder of John F. Kennedy" is available on demand beginning Tuesday.

The assassination of President John F. Kennedy on Nov. 22, 1963, is still an open case for many people.

Immediately following the assassination, President Lyndon B. Johnson set up The Warren Commission to look into the matter. "Truth is the Only Client" is a documentary with the sole intent on proving the conclusion of the commission is the final say in the matter.

Conspiracy theories have run rampant for the last 57 years. Did Oswald act alone? Were the Russians involved? Were the Cubans involved? Was the CIA part of the conspiracy? How about the FBI? What about the mafia? Was there a second gunman? Was Oswald really a patsy as he claimed? Was the fatal shot accidentally fired by a Secret Service agent? Maybe aliens from Mars did it. There have been many theories about the assassination.

Even President Johnson and John Connelly, who was also shot in the attack, believed there was more to what happened than what was released by the Warren Commission.

This film is supposed to tie up all the theories and put them to rest, but it really doesn't because there are several items it does not address. It does, however, show how the one bullet was able to go through both Kennedy and Connelly. It also disproves several other theories.

There are some interesting facts that are somewhat new, which will cause viewers to think about those involved. For instance, it appeared Oswald was trying to make his marriage better only to be rebuffed by his wife. It was then that he went and got his rifle. Had she responded differently and his frame of mind been more positive, perhaps he would not have taken his gun.

There are a few other items that shed light on Oswald's frame of mind that November. There also are some things that have come out since the Warren Commission's report, however, according to this film, nothing has been revealed that disproves the official report.

People will always believe what they want to believe when it comes to this assassination, mainly because of the strange circumstances surrounding it and the murder of Oswald. The fact that President Johnson went to his grave convinced there was more to it than the Warren Commission's findings also adds fuel to the conspiracy fires. But either way, the film is interesting and might convince some naysayers that Oswald acted alone on a whim. Unless Oswald comes back from the grave and talks, there will always be theorists around to take a stab at the Warren Commission's final findings.

"Truth is the Only Client: The Official Investigation of the murder of John F. Kennedy" is available on demand beginning Tuesday.