Anna Kendrick is Noelle, the daughter of Santa Claus in a new spirited holiday film now streaming on Disney+.

Kris Kringle and his wife Mrs. Kringle (Julie Hagerty) have two children: Noelle and Nick (Bill Hader). Nick is being groomed to take over the Kringle legacy and become the next Santa, but it is Noelle that has all the holiday spirit. So, when Santa dies and Nick becomes the next Santa, Christmas is in jeopardy.

The North Pole is in a state of flux. Santa is dead, long live Santa. But Nick Kringle isn’t excited about being Santa. His sister Noelle advises him to take the weekend off and go get some rest. So, Nick takes her advice, but instead of returning for Christmas, he decides to stay in Phoenix. He enjoys his new life there. There is no stress on him and he is happy. But Noelle knows she has to follow him and bring him back. Otherwise, their cousin Gabe Kringle (Billy Eichner) will have to take over as Santa. Gabe is a tech wizard, but has no clue how to be Santa.

While Gabe is figuring out algorithms to see who is naughty and nice, Noelle is spreading the holiday cheer in Phoenix in an attempt to locate her brother. Along with Elf Polly (Shirley MacLaine), who has been her nanny all her life, Noelle discovers that life outside of the North Pole is extremely different than what she had envisioned. They have never been out of the North Pole. Santa is the only one that travels the world. So this new life is strange and a bit unsettling. Nevertheless, Noelle never gives up her joy and spirit and is cheery to everyone she meets. She is sugary sweet, to say the least.

As she tries to get Christmas back on track, Noelle discovers a lot about herself. She has inherited many traits from her father. But how can she put them to use?

This is a cute little holiday movie. Look for the adorable baby reindeer Snow Cone to steal the show.

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