Duke of Kent

True Royalty TV has added "The Duke of Kent" to its lineup of “Royal Murder Mysteries.” This often-flamboyant prince has caused quite a long list of theories surrounding his death. He was a controversial man in life and his death is also somewhat of a mystery.

Prince George, The Duke of Kent, was a brother of the future King Edward VIII who abdicated to be with his divorced American lover. Their other brother then became King George VI. While the current queen’s father towed the line in his royal role, his two controversial brothers caused quite a stir during their lives.

Prince George was a womanizer as well as being bisexual. The press of the day did not publicize his sexuality. It was a different and much more refined time. People were more civil but nevertheless, there were times when The Duke of Kent and his brother The Duke of Windsor were embarrassments to the country and the royal family. Their clubbing and dalliances were not what their parents, King George and Queen Mary, found royal behavior.

Then The Duke of Kent, aka Prince George, settled down and appeared to give up his unsuitable ways. He married and had three children. Then came World War II. The royals were tied to their German roots and many were concerned their loyalties would be with Germany.

The Duke of Kent joined the armed forces and more controversy about his behavior arose. Was he joining with Hitler to overthrow Winston Churchill? What was his relationship with Rudolph Hess? Was he part of British intelligence?

Piecing together his life and death is a challenge for historians. His untimely death in a horrific plane crash while on a simple flight adds to the mystery. And the aftermath of that crash adds even more controversy, as the documents relating to his death are sealed and not available to the public.

While The Duke of Kent lived a unique life for a royal of the time, his death is also cause for study. We may never know what happened to the Duke and why he died. We many never know what, if any, secretive missions he undertook whether for or against his country. All we know is that he was a colorful man who enjoyed the company of women and men and added a branch to the royal family. And he died prematurely in a tragic plane crash that cannot be explained.

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