The Wash menu

The Wash in Provo is open from 7-11 p.m. Mondays through Saturdays.

If you’re not willing to share, The Wash isn’t for you.

With exposed-brick walls and a chalkboard menu, the late night soda and dessert shop is a Millennial’s dream, along with the perfect date or group hangout location.

The Wash, open from 7-11 p.m. Mondays through Saturdays, takes its name from the old Cougar Car Wash it was renovated from. But the building, located at 1195 N. Canyon Road in Provo, is designed to convince people to stay.

The Wash has a small performance area in the back, a stash of board games and tables large enough to fit a group, the games and the food. There was upbeat, romantic music while I was there, not too loud, but just the right volume to make you want to wiggle in your seat.

We chose one item from the menu’s four main sections. For food, there are sweet desserts and savory options, while for drinks you can choose from frozen options, specialty drinks and soda.

The drink menu includes options like mocktails, hot chocolate, piña coladas and a Pregamer, which is just described as syrup, soda and caffeine. The food options range from churro bites, a churro ice cream sandwich, a grilled cheese sandwich and Tabletop S’mores. While the food is all shareable, the prices aren’t doubled just to be doubled. Most items are between $4 and $10.

I went on a Thursday evening when the iPad-like register device wasn’t working. I didn’t have cash, but the two women working were friendly and we were able to problem solve where I could pay via Venmo.

They told me that The Wash is known for its Pizookie, which is a cookie in a pan and topped with ice cream. It’s customizable, and you can choose between a double chocolate and chocolate chip cookie base and scoops of vanilla or Graham Canyon ice cream from the Brigham Young University Creamery. We chose the double chocolate cookie base with two scoops of Graham Canyon. It was great to be able to get BYU Creamery ice cream without dealing with the Creamery crowds, but the cookie was a little hard and tough to scoop out of the pan.

The Wash pizookie

The Pizookie from The Wash can be ordered with a double chocolate or chocolate chip cookie base and with vanilla or Graham Canyon ice cream from the BYU Creamery.

The Wash should really be known for its Loaded Fries. After eating the baked cheese off them, I know I can never go back to melted or nacho cheese poured over fries. It changed the entire consistency of the fries in the best way possible, and the toppings (which included bacon) were incorporated throughout instead of only touching the top layer. Seriously. I would go back for the Loaded Fries alone.

The Wash loaded fries

The Wash's Loaded Fries come with baked cheese and bacon included.

As for drinks, we tried the Peach Mango Nectar from the fruity part of the menu and had a Cloudy With Guava flavoring in it. The nectar was fruity, a little bit fizzy and, maybe most importantly, came with a fun umbrella.

The Wash peach mango nectar

The Wash's Peach Mango Nectar is fruity and fizzy.

The staff brought the Cloudy out to me with a small container of cream so you can pour it in. It’s fun -- and totally Instagram-worthy -- to watch the cream swirl around in the liquid. The Cloudy is a lot like an Italian cream soda, but fixes the problems I have with them. I’ve never had an Italian cream soda that is less than 90% ice. The Cloudy, however, has minimal ice in it, and it doesn’t feel like you’re being cheated out of a drink.

The Wash cloudy

The Cloudy at The Wash is similar to an Italian cream soda, but without the clumps and clumps of ice.

It’s not just The Wash’s history that makes it unique. Located within sight of BYU, it and its unique, tasty, shareable menu are designed to be the top spot for date or game nights. And with plenty of space inside and a menu that delivers, it deserves it.

Braley Dodson covers health and education for the Daily Herald.

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