I love how there are a multitude of restaurants in downtown Provo.

Within such a short distance there is a wonderful melting pot of so many different ethnicities of foods and flavors. Simply fabulous!

With this in mind, the Lunch Ladies realized we had not yet reviewed any Vietnamese restaurants which seemed like quite the sad oversight since there are some great local eateries serving up some fine cuisine in this category.

So we got some recommendations, looked what was nearby, and decided to head to our nearby Center Street in Provo for an exciting new experience at Pho Plus Noodle House. None of us had ever been there, so we were excited to see what it was all about and give it a whirl.

As we walked into the restaurant, we immediately noted the atmosphere seemed pristine and welcoming. We were seated right away and began perusing our menus not needing more than a moment to make our final decisions.

Here is what we went with:

Jennette: Banh Mi -- $6.45

I love being close to downtown Provo. I enjoy walking up and down the main streets and seeing all the different businesses and restaurants that have popped up recently or ones that have been around for a while. On these many walks, I have noticed the sign out in front of Pho Plus advertising an amazing looking sandwich. The sandwich on the sign looked delicious and every time I walked by I told whoever I was with that I wanted to try it! I’m sure my friends were tired of hearing about my obsession with this sandwich. Well they will be happy to know that I finally got to try Banh Mi. Banh Mi is a Vietnamese sandwich. When I looked in the menu, I was surprised to see how many choices there are for this sandwich. I went with the 7-Spice Pork meat, because I like a little bit of spice and the helpful waitress said it was very tasty. She was right. This sandwich is piled high with veggies. The 7-Spice Pork was served with jalapeños, cucumber, pickled carrots, daikon, lettuce and cilantro on a nice chewy, fresh baguette. This all combined for quite a tasty sandwich. You should definitely venture to this quaint little gem of a place on Center Street. I will be going back to try the other sandwiches for sure!

Janell: Pho- Regular Size (Steak) -- $7.38

Last year I spent a long weekend in San Jose, Calif., with my eldest nephew and his family. During that time I was introduced to many different types of foods. Though our one regret was that we were not able to get Pho. Well luck would have it that just one year later I would have the opportunity to go to Pho Plus. As soon as our party was seated, I opened my menu knowing just what I wanted. I turned to the Pho section and set about choosing what I would want. I had 14 different protein options that I could add to my Pho. There were combination options such as steak and brisket or you could just have one option. I went for the steak, must be my country upbringing. When the soup was brought out to me in a large bowl, I knew it was going to be just what I needed to feed my soul. With my Pho soup I was given two lime wedges, two slices of jalapeños, and a large mound of bean sprouts. Accompanying my soup were two different types of sauces, one a teriyaki sauce and the other a spicy sauce. This was great for it gave me control over what flavors and how spicy I wanted my soup to be. This was a delicious meal that I would recommend for anyone thinking of lunch outside of the box.

Gabby: Vermicelli Plate (BBQ Pork and Shrimp) $8.95

I was excited to finally try out this restaurant my friends had been recommending and this particular meal helped me know exactly why! This dish comes with a variety of fresh, tasty ingredients. It was served with a bed of rice noodles that were perfectly chewy, but still soft and pliable. They were topped with a pile of fresh, crisp vegetables including carrots, zucchini, and bean sprouts. Next was a helping of some of the best pork I have ever tasted! It had been barbecued in a sauce that was slightly smoky, a little sweet, and a whole lot of amazing! There were also a few shrimp on top of the heap of ingredients that was also delightfully smoky and barbecued. Finally, my meal had some ground peanuts to accent the other flavors and was served with a little holder of fish sauce, which I thought tasted good, but I didn’t use, not wanting it to in any way detract from the savory pork flavor. In summation, I loved my meal, I’d eat it again, and if the quality of the other dishes is anything similar, then I am more than ready to give them a try as well!

It was a great lunch hour due to excellent food, friendly service, and an inviting environment. The Lunch Ladies enjoyed our outing to Pho Plus so much that we will definitely be going again … Pho’ sho’!

-- Pho Plus: 68 W. Center St. Provo. Open Monday to Friday 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and 5:30-9 p.m. Saturday 5:30-9 p.m. Closed Sundays.