One of the great joys of Instagram is being able to connect with people of similar interest and vicinities all through a few hashtags.

Through our Lunch Ladies Instagram, @lunchladies, we have connected with several hundred followers who have shared in our love for local restaurants with unique dining experiences and original flavor fusions.

Other Utah County foodies like us love to share pictures of great dishes, picturesque restaurants, and monstrous portions. It’s been fun to chat about places that we have loved for years, and places we have always wanted to try, but have never heard much feedback about. We’ve also been given tips of great restaurants that are hidden gems of Utah County, and that we have somehow missed on our collective radar.

One of these examples that came to us from multiple IG followers was 5 Star BBQ Company. Not only had I never noticed it on Geneva Road across from the construction site of developing apartments, I had never even heard of the house-type restaurant.

But after several recommendations we decided we had to give it a try! We headed up Geneva Road into North Orem and chuckled once we saw the huge restaurant sign staring at us, wondering how we had missed it previously. We entered the large simplified house and were immediately greeted with the smell of smoky barbecue.

We indecisively surveyed the chalkboard menu, taking in the appetizing options, which of course we then discussed back and forth in usual Lunch Ladies’ fashion. There were numerous temptations, but in the end we made our choices.

Here is what we went with:

Jennette: The Chuck Anderson Sandwich with side $12.15; Drink $2.25

I think that 5 Star BBQ Company should start advertising free smells because the second you enter the door your mouth starts to water! It was the best smell ever. While looking at the board of menu items I couldn’t decide what meat to get. Gabby told me that the Chuck Anderson sandwich came with pork, brisket and chicken. A sandwich with all three meats; I was sold. All three meats are cooked to perfection and come on a toasted bun. I added a little barbecue sauce for some extra flavor. I chose coleslaw as the side dish to accompany my sandwich. It was a good choice. The coleslaw had a light tangy and sweet dressing and the cabbage was crunchy. So good! The restaurant serves Diet Coke which added to the greatness of my meal.

Lyndsi: Nachos Meal (includes drink) $6.55

Nacho cheese is something that has been talked about a lot in our reviews recently and generally by Gabby, who is not a fan. Well I am here to give it a little love, or in this instance a lot of love. I went for the brisket nachos for lunch at 5 Star BBQ and enjoyed this simple dish. These were simple three-ingredient nachos: chips, brisket and nacho cheese. The brisket was delicious and cooked perfectly, and was even better when smothered in cheese. If you aren’t in the mood for a sandwich and want a new spin on BBQ, stop by 5 Star and grab the nachos.

Gabby: Chicken Plate with Side $8.55

Smoked chicken and a generous, and I mean generous, portion of fries, made up my lunch. The chicken was so tender, peppered, and so flavorful. I tried the barbecue sauce just to see how it tasted; it was deliciously tangy and sweet, but really the chicken was so superb in and of itself that I didn’t want any sauce covering its smoky goodness. The fries were a home-style cut, extra crispy, and had the peels still on. Loved 'em! A simple meal, with simple ingredients, but definitely worthy of five stars!

Sylvia: The Dave Anderson Sandwich with side $9.25; Drink $2.25

What a nice surprise to find this great joint. The Dave Anderson Sandwich was on these Texas toast-sized pieces of garlic bread; piled high with the juiciest pulled pork and topped with a super fresh coleslaw with a nice light vinegar-based dressing. I chose Mama's Herbed Mashed Potatoes as my side; they were super natural tasting, mashed with rosemary and other herbs. I really liked how they weren't loaded down with butter. What a great lunch with great friends.

Our meals at 5 Star BBQ were so tasty, we didn’t even mind that we smelled like smoke by the end of the lunch hour. And it was fun trying a new place. It’s always a gamble, but we felt like this one definitely paid off. We appreciated the recommendations via Instagram, so please keep 'em coming! And we’ll try to keep 'em coming as well!

— 5 Star BBQ Company: 70 N. Geneva Road, Orem. Open Monday to Friday 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., and Saturday from noon to 9 p.m. Closed Sundays.