This week we are missing our fearless leader Gabby (she’s on vacation). So we mustered our strength, forged ahead and went to lunch anyway.

Without Gabby to tell a little story before we get to the food, I took it upon myself to share a little bit about myself and my experience with the world of food. Do you have a place you like to eat at when you are on vacation? For example; when I go to New York City I just have to go to John’s Pizzeria on 42nd Street in Time Square. If one of your vacation spots happens to be in Philadelphia you might always have to get a Philly cheesesteak sandwich from John's Roast Pork, Tony Luke's, or Pat's King of Steak.

Well, have I got some good news for you! Right here in Provo we have our very own Philly cheesesteak sandwich shop. I have been to Pennsylvania and have had a real cheesesteak sandwich. I have also had one in Baltimore and in New York, so I know what I am talking about when I say that DP Cheesesteaks is the real deal. I no longer have to wait until I get a chance to return to Pennsylvania, or the Northeast before I can have a real Philly cheesesteak sandwich.

Now I can just drive a couple of blocks to DP Cheesesteaks for authentic cheesesteak sandwiches. DP Cheesesteaks is authentic; the brand has done right by Utah County by offering more than the traditional Cheez Whiz as the cheese of choice. The menu has expanded to include other types such as, blue cheese, provolone, American and Swiss cheese. DP Cheesesteaks also offers other meats so that all can find a sandwich to soothe those lunchtime blues.

My favorite part of any DP sandwich is the creamy jalapeño sauce, which you can ask for as you pick up your sandwich. The spreadable, “dippable” sauce just adds the right amount of kick to any sandwich. This sauce can even be used to add kick to your bag of chips, if one is so inclined to dip their chips.

Now, enough about vacations, and on to what the lunch ladies had in their baskets.

Sylvia: Pastrami Sandwich $6.79 with Drink & Chips, $2.69, Rice Krispy Treat $1.79

There are so many great sandwiches here, and I really wanted something with Cheez Whiz, but when Jennette mentioned that the creamy jalapeño sauce was really good (and it was), I went with one of my favs -- pastrami. I spread the jalapeño sauce on, along with mustard. It was served on a super soft roll with loads of tasty meat and fresh veggies. I chose barbecue chips to go with my sandwich. I couldn't resist the Rice Krispy treat that was right where your order is taken. It was nice and fresh, soft and gooey.

Shellie: Cherry Pepper Steak $6.49

I checked out the menu while waiting in line and had a hard time choosing between the Philly Blue and the Cherry Pepper Steak. I ultimately picked the Cherry Pepper Steak with provolone cheese. I really like the soft bun, the flavor of the meat, and the cherry peppers. It was a little spicy, which I always enjoy, and the regular size was plenty. I would order it again for sure, but I've had a few people tell me I missed out by adding provolone cheese instead of the Cheez Whiz. I may opt for that next time! Don't forget to try the birch beer. If root beer is a little too sweet for you, you'll love it.

Jennette: Hot Pepper Steak $6.29, Sugar Cookie $1.79, Diet Coke $1.89

Cheesesteaks are my favorite kind of sandwiches, and I love sandwiches with yellow peppers, so when I saw the hot pepper sandwich on the menu I quickly ordered it. This sandwich was piled high with yellow peppers, pickled jalapeños, onions and provolone cheese. I am still not brave enough to try cheesesteak with Cheez Whiz. Maybe one day. When I was ordering, I saw the freshly made sugar cookies and decided I needed a little pick me up so I got one to share. My fellow Lunch Ladies were happy I did, it was quite delicious. Of course, I added a Diet Coke. They have delicious Diet Coke. Yummy!

Once you have picked your favorite sandwich, don’t forget to try a Birch Beer, it is authentic and is offered in the bottle or from the fountain. This Pennsylvania original will round out any lunchtime sandwich. DP Cheesesteaks also provides Coke products, for all of us who just have to have a Coke, to help you wash down your favorite sandwich and get you through the afternoon of work.

We missed you at our lunch table, Gabby, but we hope you were having fun!

See you at lunch!

-- DP Cheesesteaks, 1774 N. University Parkway, Provo (and other Utah County locations), 10:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday, 10:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. Friday and Saturday. Closed Sunday.

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