ASHLEY FRANSCELL/Daily Herald A turkey slider with avocado and mango-cranberry sauce at Marley's inside the Timpanogos Harley Davidson building in Lindon.

Even if you don't own a motorcycle, or don't even like them, you might want to stop at the new Harley-Davidson dealership in Lindon and try a mini-sandwich at Marley's Gourmet Sliders.

The restaurant is on the west side of the dealership, near where the large outdoor tables are. If you use the main entrance to the building, you'll wander through racks of motorcycle gifts and paraphernalia to get to the eats. Follow your nose.

You'll also need to know that sliders are maybe three inches square, cost $2.50 each, and at Marley's they come in Beef, Chicken, Turkey or Coney Dog varieties. One is enough for a light lunch -- if you also have an order of fries and a cup of frozen custard -- and two should be enough to fill most people, especially with the fries. Extra-hungry people can purchase the three-slider combo meal or a Full Brick -- 12 sliders, no extras for $24.99.

But a word of warning about the combo meals. They come with one, two or three sliders, a drink and either fries or a side salad. If you order the fries, normally $1.49, you're paying 21 cents more than if you ordered all three items separately -- some math nerd who ate with us pointed this out. If you opt for the salad, normally $1.99, you save 29 cents. So if you're pinching pennies -- like most of us -- and happen to like fries, order them separately.

Once you've got the food, though, you'll be making plans to come back. The sandwiches are served on soft, buttery rolls that are far better than any hamburger bun we've had recently. We liked the beef and coney dog sliders best, and you can dress your sliders how you like with any of a dozen toppings -- some, like bacon and avocado, cost extra. We loved the grilled onions.

The fries are incredibly thin. You almost have to group four or five together to make a bite worth the effort. Tables are stocked with ketchup and fry sauce, which is nice.

Marley's also serves chicken tenders and a couple of salads, and the best part about either of these is the honey dill dressing they are served with. It's sweet and slightly tangy and so good with the meat or on lettuce.

The alternative, a spicy buffalo sauce, is something of a cross between the familiar orange wing sauce and barbecue sauce.

For dessert, there's frozen custard, in strawberry or vanilla on the day we visited. Have a few bites of that while you ask the guy at the next table about his bike.

Marley's Gourmet Sliders

Where: 553 N. Geneva Road, Lindon

Hours: 11 a.m.-9 p.m. Monday-Saturday

Prices: $1.49-$24.99

Info: 229-2469,