Since the first book came out in 1997, Utahns have loved Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived. And each subsequent book and film has only increased that passion.

With only a month left until fans can hit the theaters and re-enter the wizarding world they love so much with “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,” a Harry Potter prequel of sorts set in America, Mexaplex Theatres in Utah are offering fans the chance to once again experience the entire Harry Potter film series on the big screen, this time in full IMAX splendor.

According to a recent press release on the film series re-release, “For the first time ever, Utah muggles and wizards will have the opportunity to experience all eight Harry Potter films in IMAX … exclusively at Utah’s five Mexaplex IMAX locations.”

Starting Thursday and running until Oct. 20, all of the Harry Potter films will be shown, including the first two, which weren’t originally formatted for an IMAX experience.

Guests interested in seeing the films on an IMAX screen can purchase individual film tickets or can take advantage of the opportunity to purchase a “Festival Pass,” which will allow them to see as many of the film screenings throughout the week that they would like.

“Since the early days of the Harry Potter film franchise, Utah moviegoers have set national attendance records at Megaplex,” said Blake Andersen, Megaplex Theatres president, in a press release on the event series. “We’re delighted to invite a new generation of Harry Potter fans to bring their wands and dress in their house robes to enjoy the magic of Harry Potter at Megaplex Theatres.”

Each of the eight Harry Potter films is rated PG or PG-13, and will be shown in IMAX 2D at all participating Megaplex Theatres, including those at Geneva in Vineyard.

Tickets for the special event are priced at $10 per film, or in a non-transferable “Festival Pass” for $60.

A full schedule of film showings, dates and times can be previewed at, or in the infographic below.

Kari Kenner is the digital features editor at the Daily Herald. Contact her at (801) 344-2542, and on Twitter: @karijmk

Kari Kenner manages and creates digital features and niche content for the Daily Herald.

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